Top 5 Scheduling Apps

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You start a new year (or a new month, or indeed, a new day) with every intention to be as organised as physically possible, and what better way to begin this ‘new you’ than with a pristine and professional looking diary.

You arrange your first appointment, whip out your diary, half expecting your colleagues to feel the breeze in their hair as you flick through to the appropriate date, then you realise you don’t have a pen to hand, and the diary is made redundant for another year.

So how do so many keep up to date with their meetings and appointments when you can’t seem to?

Easy – scheduling apps.

Constantly attached to the hand of any professional, your portable PA can be ready and waiting in the slim form of your smart phone or tablet.

Here’s a rundown of the top 5 on the market now…

Doodle: easy scheduling

Easy scheduling   Doodle

A simple, straightforward app that has no fuss or fiddly features. Arranging dates for meetings with others couldn’t be easier. Simply invite the participants from your address book (or manually add them) to select a time and date to suit everyone.







CalenMob Pro   Google Calendar Client on the App Store on iTunes

CalenMob uses the original Google Calendar app interface. With reminders included, this calendar scheduling app is everything you could want to aid your time keeping. The CalenMob app inherits the clean appearance of the Google Calendar. When set up with Gmail, the calendar will automatically sync back to your account making those appointments very hard to miss.







Jorte Calendar   Organiser   Android Apps on Google Play

With over 18 million downloads, it would certainly appear as though Jorte is a favourite. Similar to the CalenMob app, you can sync the calendar with your email accounts. Setting it aside from competition, you can even import weather forecasts – perfect for those who don’t like to be caught out! The appearance is not as clean cut as the CalenMob, instead you can edit the background formats and colour settings, so it may not suit all tastes.






Calendars by Readdle


Self-proclaimed as the “most elegant and easy to use calendar application”, this app allows users to manually drag and drop events to easily reschedule meetings. With a visually pleasing interface and a far less graphic-packed theme than Jorte, this app provides the perfect platform for any professional.




When I Work

Employee Work Scheduling Software   Free Mobile Apps   When I Work

Compared to the previously mentioned apps, this is aimed at businesses rather than individuals.  Schedule and communicate with your employees from your device. Using text messages and email to communicate, notify your staff of the work schedule. This may seem a costly way of organising your team, but with technology moving forward, stay ahead of the game with this app.

With these fab 5 to choose from, why waste your time on hand written scheduling or manually syncing your emails and calendar?


Take a weight off and let technology do the hard work.

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