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If you work from a serviced office in Birmingham, you’ll have access to plenty of reliable and regular transport options in and around the city. Birmingham is a major transport hub and you can currently catch a plane, bus, train, tram or taxi in Birmingham if you need to travel. A huge majority of Birmingham’s transport can be accessed 24 hours a day, so you’re sure to be able to reach your desired destination quickly and easily here.

Birmingham by Air

Birmingham Airport is the UK’s fifth largest airport and sees well over 9 million passengers every single year. The airport serves over 50 different airlines and travels to over 100 different destinations worldwide, ideal if you are meeting international clients.

A lot of money has been invested in the airport in the last ten years, enabling it to have an extended runway and state of the art facilities inside the airport itself.

Travelling to Birmingham airport from Birmingham takes around 20 minutes on the train, 30 minutes in the car and between 20-30 minutes on a bus from Birmingham Coach Station.

Key UK Destinations and Times (direct flights)

Birmingham to Edinburgh – 1 hour 10 minutes

Birmingham to Aberdeen – 1 hour 25 minutes

Birmingham to Belfast – 1 hour 5 minutes

Birmingham to Dublin – 1 hour 10 minutes

Birmingham to Newcastle – 1 hour

Birmingham by Train

Birmingham has three main train stations – Birmingham Moor Street Station, Birmingham Snow Hill and Birmingham New Street, meaning there is never a train too far from your office! Birmingham New Street is based in the city centre and is the busiest train station in Birmingham and is the eighth busiest railway station in the UK. It has many major connections to local and long distance destinations including the West Midlands, London Euston, Glasgow and Edinburgh to name just a few.

Key Destinations and Times from Birmingham New Street

Birmingham New Street to Edinburgh – 4 hours 49 minutes

Birmingham New Street to Glasgow – 4 hours

Birmingham New Street to Bristol – 1 hour 21 minutes

Birmingham New Street to London Euston – 1 hour 25 minutes

Birmingham New Street to Nottingham – 1 hour 10 minutes

Birmingham Moor Street Station was a relatively small railway station until recent years when it became a major terminus for various Chiltern Railway services from London Marylebone.

Birmingham Snow Hill has lots of local services and one long distance service (to London Marylebone) and is the city’s tram service terminus.

Birmingham by Bus

Birmingham has an extensive bus network including the famous Number 11 route, Europe’s second longest urban bus route at a massive 27 miles long. Perfect for visiting local businesses.

National Express West Midlands is a major part of Birmingham’s bus network and has had millions of pounds invested in it over the last few years. Major routes are:

The Number 11 – Mainly following Birmingham’s outer ring road.

The Number 50 – The most regular bus service in Birmingham moving between Birmingham City Centre and Druids Heath.

The Number 65 – Moves between Birmingham City Centre and Perry Common.

The Number 97 – Operates 24/ 7 and moves between Birmingham City Centre and Birmingham Airport/ NEC.

Birmingham also has a National Express Coach Station which has coaches travelling all over the UK, as well as some that travel to European destinations.

Birmingham by Tram

Birmingham’s tram network is called ‘The Midland Metro’ and sees nearly 100,000 people using it every single week. It operates between Birmingham and Wolverhampton and you can catch a tram every eight minutes every day, apart from Sundays and in the evening when they arrive 15 minutes apart. There are four Park and Ride areas across the network, which is quick and cost effective if you want to avoid inner city parking.

Birmingham by Car

Birmingham is famous for the complex ‘Spaghetti Junction’ (Junction 6 of the M6), however there are many more notable roads and junctions in the area. Birmingham does not have one major motorway running through it, but three that run in and around it, which is why it is such a major transport hub.

The major connection Birmingham has to London is via the M6, which connects to the M1 South. The M5 connects Birmingham to the South-West, the M42 connects Birmingham to the East Midlands and the A38 which takes travellers on spaghetti junction into Birmingham City Centre. Parking is ample in Birmingham City Centre, for information and help getting the best parking spots please click here:

Birmingham by Bicycle

Birmingham currently has plenty of great cycling routes enabling cyclists to access the city without using a car or public transport. There are also now plans in place to introduce ‘Boris Bikes’ to the city, and there will be around 60 bikes placed outside every major train station in Birmingham available to hire at a nominal cost per hour.

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