Website survey leads to huge changes for Easy Offices…….

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Website trends change frequently and all too quickly!

Whereas once it was simply enough to have a single website now it’s vital to have a mobile version also, Social Media Accounts to reach out to your customers in an ever changing ‘virtual world’ as well as blog posts to spread Industry gossip and Company news etc etc.



We haven’t changed or amended the way we display our office information in quite some time, not to mention the actual information we are asking for. But before we can make any changes we needed to know what our visitors actually wanted when they got online to search, we surveyed over 3000 of our website visitors to find out what, why, how and where they wanted their office information.

We’re now sharing this information with the Office Companies we work alongside, allowing you to personalise your page with specific but relevant details concerning the surrounding area and facilities. What we now know is generic, run of the mill ‘office blurbs’ are simply ignored, offices with prices are twice as likely to get enquiries etc etc.


To further promote this new opportunity for companies to greatly enhance their Office Listings with Easy Offices we’re also offering the FIRST 50 Companies the opportunity to get a blog post both on our site and across all our social networks highlighting your site with the sort of personal details that we know people looking for Office Space want, need and desire.

You should have already received your email from our Marketing Team but feel free to drop them a line yourself at if you want to make sure you response in time to get that blog post!


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