What is a serviced office?

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Searching for office space? Looking for a swift and efficient move? Then we presume you’d rather be getting stuck into business than dealing with the finer details; from fittings and furnishings to office utilities and facilities, making these arrangements is an exercise hard on both time and money.

A serviced office could be the answer you are looking for. With a variety of office rental solutions on offer, knowing which approach to take can be confusing. Not sure what renting a serviced office entails? We’re going to let you in on all you need to know regarding serviced offices.

First things first, what is a serviced office?

Simply put, a serviced office is fully equipped with everything you need and is suitable for immediate occupation. All serviced offices come inclusive of the essentials, meaning that the price you pay includes not only rent, but service charges, cleaning, furniture, utilities and repairs- no nasty surprises as your rent covers your core costs.

In most cases you will find that the only additional costs incurred are for the services you require, but the good news is, you will only be charged if and when you use them. These may include telephone calls, printing or photocopying costs and conference or meeting room charges. Naturally, serviced office companies will having buying power meaning they will offer only the best rates to customers.

What is the difference between a serviced office and a traditional office?

Flexibility of tenure is one of the biggest differences and is what attracts most people to serviced offices- an appealing option compared to a long lease associated with a conventional office. This provides a much needed level of flexibility, allowing you to react to business requirements, meaning your office can grow with you as your business expands.

Serviced offices allow you to be more reactive with your move too; minimal rental deposits mean securing the office isn’t a massive outgoing, and the actual moving process is lot less painful; forget lugging furniture around, you can quickly plug in and go, meaning disruptions to productivity levels are minimal.

Who uses serviced offices?

It is this flexible approach along with easily keeping a grip on finances which makes serviced offices an ideal choice for start-up businesses. For serviced office companies which are well connected, you can have a respected business address from your early stages in business, which only adds to your company’s level of professionalism.  But serviced offices come in handy for larger organisations too, being the ideal choice for expansion efforts without incurring too many fixed costs.

Does this mean they are a short term solution only?

Serviced offices are definitely the ideal solution to get things up and running quickly, but companies have the option to occupy serviced offices for as long as they require- great for longer company planning. Being able to pay only for the space and facilities that you are using is a real advantage in the long term; should there be a change in circumstances, you aren’t paying for a large amount of space and overheads unnecessary for your needs. Support offered by your serviced office company will help you readdress your needs and find the most suitable serviced office option for you and your business.

Do I need to worry about the maintenance of a serviced office?

The beauty of a serviced office is that if you encounter a setback along the way which may be influencing your working environment, it won’t be your time spent solving the problem. Your serviced office company holds responsibility to fix common office issues, from an intermittent internet signal to a fire damaged building, so you and your staff can put expertise back in your business; where it should be.

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