Why Rent a Serviced Office? Easy Offices’ Serviced Office Case Studies

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Following on from our article “Renting Serviced Offices, Advantages and Disadvantages” we thought it would be a good idea to put the advantages of renting serviced office space into a practical perspective with some of the comments from Easy Offices past clients.   There are many great advantages for companies considering a move to serviced office accommodation but don’t just take our word for it, below are some quotes from Easy Offices’ recent case studies that demonstrate how serviced offices can make a real difference to the modern business!


Advantage No. 1 – Ease of Expansion.  Serviced Offices excel in allowing your business to expand with minimal fuss, often leaving a certain amount of space empty to accommodate internal client growth and allowing you to expand without moving your business address.


BMS Finance Ltd: “Having outgrown our previous office, we required a new office which gave us the flexibility to grow further. Serviced office space provides us the flexibility to address these future growth requirements in a financially efficient way whilst maintaining the same postal address” Click here to read this serviced office case study in full


British Greyhound Racing Board: “It was also important to maintain a degree of flexibility so that any future growth in the organisation could be accommodated at the same address.” Click here to read this serviced office case study in full


Advantage No. 2 – Savings!  Although people often think that renting serviced office is more expensive than conventional leasing serviced offices can in fact save your business money, particularly in the short – medium term.


HCA Healthcare: “Previous office space was very expensive. Savings in the new premises amount to approximately 30%”  Click here to read this serviced office case study in full


Advantage No. 3 – Ease of Space Reduction. Don’t get stuck with excess space, as well as allowing for internal expansion serviced office business centres will allow your business to reduce space with ease, therefore paying only for what you use. 


Residential Management Group: “At the same time we wanted to allow our senior staff the flexibility of home working, whilst providing them with an office that they could “drop into and call home” without incurring the costs of desks sitting idle and paying for storage space.” Click here to read this serviced office case study in full


Advantage No. 4 – Ease of Budgeting.  Serviced Offices are traditionally priced based on a fixed, all-in monthly fee including the extras like business rates and cleaning costs making for easy month to month budgeting.  


Matrix Photos: “We needed Serviced Office Space as we felt this is the best way to control our costs. The cost is fixed and it enables us to budget accordingly.” Click here to read this serviced office case study in full 


Advantage No. 5 – Disaster Recovery.  Its the nightmare situation for any business, your offices are rendered uninhabitable by a natural or human-induced disaster and your business begins haemorrhaging money and wasted resources almost immediately.  Luckily Serviced Offices offer an immediate-occupany solution for businesses in such situations.


Medic Alert: “As a charity providing a potentially life-saving emergency service, the resultant DR situation meant we desperately needed new office space. The flood was discovered on Monday 13 March. Easy Offices arranged nine appointments for us, starting Friday 17 March. By the following Monday we had signed a contract with one of the companies. Rental commenced the very next day.”  Click here to read this serviced office case study in full


For more information on how renting a serviced office can benefit your company give us a call today on 0800 085 5050 or CLICK HERE to search for serviced office space near you free of charge!

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