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For companies looking for affordable Office Space with fixed, transparent monthly costs then Serviced Offices would seem to be by far the best fit but how ‘fixed’ are those costs and are there any truly ‘all-inclusive’ deals being offered?

The short answer is yes, whilst the majority of Serviced Office Providers will charge for internet and call charges there are some companies that bundle these costs into the monthly office rental, providing companies a truly fixed monthly cost when planning or budgeting for the year.

Although these offers aren’t available in every location we cover in the UK there are ‘All Inclusive’ offers in most of the major UK Cities including several London locations. What’s important to consider when looking at the overall price is how you or your company use the phone or internet to see if an all inclusive price will be the best solution, consider the services offered and the associated costs and then calculate what the best solution is for you.

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