Edinburgh Offices Quarantined After Discovery of WWII Hand Grenade

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Staff and clients at serviced office centre 23 Melville Street in central Edinburgh were quarantined this morning after the discovery of a live hand grenade in a nearby garden.

The World War II hand grenade was found not far from the business centre yesterday evening. Police cordoned off the West End street, telling workers to stay inside and open their windows, while a controlled detonation of the grenade took place.

Although workers had been warned that the explosion was coming, staff and clients were surprised by the loudness and effect of the consequential bang, which shook desks within the building.

Managing Director of 23 Melville Street Brian Cormack, commented: “We were told to prepare ourselves for a controlled explosion between 10.30 and 11.00am but it still took us by surprise. It was incredibly loud and the whole building shook. It was certainly a very exciting start to a Friday morning.”

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