Environmentally Friendly Office Space, Our Top 10 Environmentally Friendly Serviced Offices in the UK!

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Environmentally Friendly Office Space: Amidst the downturn green issues may have been somewhat pushed aside by some companies and perhaps understandably so; from a business perspective,  “going green” does not necessarily make money and eco-friendliness is, to be realistic, not usually at the top of the priority list for most!


However because of the immediate-occupancy nature of the serviced office  environmental awareness should be, we believe, of real importance to the serviced office operator who has a direct and controlling effect on not only their own environmental impact but also on the impact of their clients. With a move to a serviced office the client immediately becomes part of an existing infrastructure; they have very little influence upon, or power to change, their own surroundings.  If the existing system is sustainable the client will automatically become part of an eco-friendly culture that the operator has created for them. If the current system is not sustainable however the client will be severely limited as to the amendments that they themselves can make to improve their own carbon footprint.


Here is our top 10 list of some of the most eco-friendly serviced office operators currently going the extra mile to maintain an environmentally friendly approach to their day to day business centre activities…..


ONE At number one it has to be icon Business Centres who run the greenest serviced offices in the UK!  icon’s green building was built under strict environmental principles and objectives contributing to the highest ever BREEAM ranking of any UK Serviced Office Business Centre, and indeed of any British commercial building, with an impressive rating of 87.55%! Click here to read more!


TWO Number two on the list is The Serviced Office Company with their Canary Wharf serviced office centre which opened back in the summer 2008. Prior to the launch I spoke with General Manager Simon Eastlake who told me: “I am trying to source as many products, furniture, energy, and offsetting our Carbon to recycling facilities to produce an office environment that people can feel good about being in…” Click here to read more!


THREE Moving on the number three and across to South Wales where Office Space Riverside Court has an environmentally aware business centre overlooking the River Severn in Chepstow. Using low energy, passive ventilated cooling systems, motion sensitive lighting and water saving devices throughout, the building has been awarded a high Energy Performance Certificate rating, attaining level B. Click here to read more!


FOUR At number four new operators Pure Offices offer “green offices” in Swindon with a purpose built unit that maintains a stong focus on conserving energy. Environmental issues are a priority for Pure Offices, Local Centre Manager Darron Bailey told us: “Minimising our impact on the environment is one of main concerns and indeed one our unique selling points”.  The new purpose-built office units have been constructed from locally sourced, sustainable materials and have been awarded a respected “B rating” in terms of energy consumption.  The company as a whole maintains an eco-friendly philosophy encouraging both staff and clients to minimise paperwork and energy wastage whenever possible. Click here to read more!


FIVE Half way through now and we have United Business Centres who, following a large-scale serviced office expansion in 2008, opened a new centre in Oldham.  Following the centre launch the operator managed to sign up renewable energy company Microgeneration Ltd, a testament to the building’s green initiatives with Sara Ghosley, Company Secretary for Microgeneration Ltd, commenting: “UBC’s eco credentials were also an added plus point for us; as a renewable energy company, the fact that the building itself has renewable energy installed in the form of solar panels on the roof supports our aim of championing alternatives to fossil-fuelled systems.” Click here to read more!


SIX For number six we are traveling up North to Sheffield where The Cube launched a brand new managed office space business centre late last year.  An impressive eco-friendly feature of the property is its extensive green roof area which provides energy saving insulation.  The roof helps to prevent heat loss during the winter whilst keeping the building cool during the summer! Click here to read more!


SEVEN Back to The Serviced Office Company for number seven who we feel deserve another mention for their second business centre in Salford, Manchester.  As with their Canary Wharf property, at Salford The Serviced Office Company maintain a philosophy towards environmental concern, currently operating a number of green initiatives including water saving devices, designer recycled furniture, green energy supplied by Ecotricity and energy efficient heating and cooling systems.


EIGHT Numbers 8 and 9 go to central London operators The Office who manage to retain a strong sense of the importance of “going green” despite being in the heart of London’s City! Their Shoreditch business centre on Rivington Street offers a number of energy saving schemes including Solar Panels and a Green Roof, they also offer Secure bike storage and showers, recyclable chairs and even have a wormery!


NINE Another of The Office’s serviced office business centres in London City, this time on Greville Street, also has a green roof and manages to cut carbon emissions through energy efficient measures, The Office also work with a local charity Global Generation (www.globalgeneration.org.uk), taking local kids and students and educating them on the environment and business!


TEN Finally, though not a specific business centre, we felt that Avanta deserve a mention for the recent introduction of an eco-friendly, energy saving computer device, named the ecobutton™.  Currently being trialed, if successful the ecobutton™ will be installed in all 4400 computers operating at Avanta’s serviced office business centres across the country and potentially saving up to 2992 tonnes of CO2 a year! Click here to read more!


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  1. With office rental increasing, it doesn’t make much sense to have a physical office. I believe the future of most businesses will be virtual and leveraging off using a virtual office space.

  2. Lindsay Beaton

    Working from home or virtually in any capacity takes a great strain off the environment but it also helps with operating costs. It is so much more affordable to work without all of the overheads attached to a brick and mortar office. Plus, think of the money you will save on petrol for not having to physically travel as much! I use a Virtual Office in Piccadilly and I must admit, I LOVE my commute (to my kitchen table) and I also feel good about not contributing to the pollution problem!

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