i2 Office in Milton Keynes to Pioneer Security Technology in Serviced Office sector

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Serviced office provider i2 Office has secured a partnership with Siemens plc to pioneer a new approach to security at its first business centre in Milton Keynes.


The new system at Milton Keynes uses the very latest in access management and ID control from Siemens to enable 24 hour access to the building for clients.  This is the first time technology of this type has been employed within a serviced office environment.  All clients will be issued with a photo-ID card which will be automatically scanned and the image will appear on-screen so that the receptionist can easily check identity.  Out of hours, access will be password controlled via a remote security centre and movements inside the business centre monitored through CCTV.  Out-of-hours security for the exterior of the building will be managed through CCTV and loud speaker systems.


Richard Marshall, Business Development Manager of Siemens plc, commented: “We are truly excited about this new relationship with i2 Office and the opportunity to break new ground with our technology in the serviced office world.  Philip has a clear vision for i2 and how they will use technology to shape the type of business centre they create.  i2 Office is setting a clear blue print from the outset and we look forward to developing our security systems at i2 centres across the country as the network expands.”


i2 CEO Philip Grace said: “Siemens is at the cutting-edge of the security market and is a perfect fit for i2.  We want our clients to know that we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business centres, maximizing the latest technology to create an optimum working environment.”


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3 thoughts on “i2 Office in Milton Keynes to Pioneer Security Technology in Serviced Office sector”

  1. yes….not so sure i would use the word pioneering here….lots of business centres allow 24 hour access and have stringent security, ive seen card access to buildings before….perhaps pioneering is a bit overkill!!

  2. there are a number of features of the system that are not elaborated on here that are new to the serviced office sector which is probably where the pioneering bit comes in

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