IT & Serviced Offices – what can you expect?

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For the vast majority of companies utilising the onsite IT facilities makes sense both from a financial & a logistical viewpoint. It’s not set in stone though that you can’t use your own hardware and infrastructure if that works for your company.

Your Office Space Provider may charge a ‘corkage’ or build it into the overall monthly cost but depending where you are in the looking in the country there will be normally be options for you to explore whatever your required solution. If you speak to one of our Sales Agents we will be able to discuss what you need and point you in the right direction regarding the companies that may be able to accommodate you.

Below is a list of common questions we are asked regarding IT:

1. Pricing – Some companies include the cost into the monthly rent, others may charge for it separately whilst others may bundle phones and internet together. Our Sales Agents will know which companies offer which services but it’s always important to look at the overall costs as well as the service levels when comparing different companies.

2. Connectivity – your serviced office here will be a number of ports available to connect to the internet. If you require more ports or to have them repositioned depending on desk layout you can discuss this with the company. Cabling will be via wall trunking or under floor panels so seating solutions are easily planned.

3. Companies do not supply hardware such as PC’s or laptops.

4. Server Rooms – Rackspace can normally be rented in the buildings air conditioned server rooms with accompanied access during business hours. If you need 24 hour unrestricted access you can always build your own server room within your office.

5. Companies that provide the internet will inevitably have a firewall and provide you with a static IP address. Specific questions can be addressed to the IT representative of the company of the offices you are interested in.

6. Internet Speed – Most modern buildings will have the latest pipes going into their building and you can either access their shared or leased line internet option or have your own dedicated bandwidth. Serviced Office Companies are responding to the demands of modern businesses and are used to addressing specific IT demands of each company. Their IT representative will be able to discuss the options with you ensuring you have the right solution for your business.


If you have any questions regarding IT and how it works in Serviced Offices you can ask Easy Offices a question below & we’ll answer it via our Blog or even quicker still, call us on the number above

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