Milton Keynes Serviced Offices – A Market View

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Interview with i2 Office’s Luminous House centre manager Steve Brown.

Milton Keynes is a thriving business community and certainly a popular location for serviced office space on Easy Offices. We spoke to Steve Brown, centre manager at i2 Office’s Luminous House centre, to get a local view of the market in Milton Keynes.

Is there a dominant sector or trade that tends to prefer serviced office space in Milton Keynes? Can you give an indication of the make-up of clients in your centre?

Although there is no single dominant sector, many clients fall into the small to medium business (SME) category and the professional services industries are well represented. Having said that, we have clients from a wide range of industries, as i2 Office’s flexible approach allows us to tailor our solutions to different types of companies. Representation across multiple sectors makes sense for i2 Office as well; that way we are less exposed to market sector fluctuations.

How popular are virtual office products in Milton Keynes? Any trends you have observed here?

Virtual offices are a growing sector and we have more in Milton Keynes than at our other branches. Due to our central, accessible location, it is easy and convenient for our clients to drop in and collect their mail, book meeting rooms and have a high calibre business address. Generally small companies or sole traders who have outgrown their existing facilities will take a virtual office. It allows them to be in more than one place at once as when they are not available someone customer facing is on hand to take calls.

How buoyant is the Milton Keynes market for serviced offices at present?

It is difficult for me to talk for the whole market but i2 Office in Milton Keynes has a high occupancy rate, with generally only one or two offices available. Milton Keynes is a growth area and our modern office suites are very popular. The BBC reported in January this year “Milton Keynes, Reading, Aberdeen, Leeds and Bristol were regarded as being better insulated from the effects of the government spending cuts, with the potential to create private sector jobs.” We have certainly seen business continue to grow.

What are the key deciding factors for clients looking to choose an office in Milton Keynes in your experience?

The culture and feel of the building are a key factor. This includes the staff’s attentiveness to customer service. Luminous House also has full height glass windows and creates an excellent business feel with its Laminate floors, modern lighting and state of the art IT technology. Price is always a factor, but so is trust, our terms are simple, convenient and transparent. This makes a big difference to our clients.

Have you worked in other locations, if so, are there any differences you notice compared with Milton Keynes?

I relocated to Milton Keynes following the take up of my post with i2 Office. Milton Keynes is a wonderful green city, with roads built on a grid formation. It is just so easy to get around. If one road is blocked or busy you just take the next parallel one. With Milton Keynes they had the opportunity to start from scratch and design a town around the needs of a modern population; I believe they got it right. Businesses move here because they want to be associated with the modern, hi-tech culture. The business community are so welcoming and with easy road and rail links to our major cities, Milton Keynes is an ideal location for setting up a business.

What do clients comment on as being most important to them in your Milton Keynes centre?

Excellent service from the operations staff. It is so important for them to be able to rely on our reception and operations services, including the knowledge their guests will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. We have taken suits to the dry cleaners and shoes to the cobblers, just to help our clients out. Clients are part of the family here at i2 Office.

For more information on i2 Office’s Milton Keynes Serviced Offices Call 0800 085 5050

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