Offices to Rent in Battersea Proposal, Part III

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Controversy continues to surround Treasury Holding’s proposals for the ÂŁ4bn redevelopment of Battersea Power Station. The company’s plans for the massive project are expected to be submitted early next year and, as reported in our earlier article “Office Space in Battersea Proposal” include a substantial amount of commercial office space.

Following reports from the end of July that London Mayor Boris Johnson had voiced concerns over the size of the project’s giant chimney (see our article “Battersea Office Space, Part II“) there have been additional complaints regarding the regeneration now being put forward by a local residents association named Battersea Power Station Community Group (BPSCG).  The group were formed in November 1983 and have been campaigning for the protection of the power station ever since. 

New complaints now involve the site’s current Water Pumping Station which owners Treasury Holdings will abolish and replace with a residential tower according to latest plans.  The residents group strongly opposes the abolishment of the tower in line with the building’s listed status.  The group’s rather extensive web site offers a history of the saga in more detail.

Whether or not the latest plans will be given the green light remains to be seen but, with planning applications due to be submitted early next year, the project continues to spark ongoing interest and debate from all angles.

3 thoughts on “Offices to Rent in Battersea Proposal, Part III”

  1. Battersea Water Pumping Station is a Grade II listed building adjacent to Battersea Power Station. It was built circa 1840 and is of great historic and architectural interest. Retaining it within the development, eg as an office for a small company, or a cafe or a gallery (or combination of these) would be a straightforward matter. For this reason BPSCG will oppose any attempt by Treasury to seek its demolition.

    Keith Garner
    for Battersea Power Station Community Group

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