Places to eat near Euston serviced offices

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Euston Restaurants

Euston is a fast-paced, bustling area of London, with an exceptional range of eateries and restaurants.

The station has millions of business travellers and tourists pass through it every single year making it the sixth busiest railway station in the United Kingdom. So whether you’re going for a cosy coffee with colleagues to escape from the noise of the office, or hoping to impress an important client to seal a deal, you’re going to have plenty of options to choose from in busy, beautiful Euston.

The Regular

Because of its huge amount of visitors, it’s no surprise that Euston contains every high street chain restaurant you can imagine. For times when you need to know exactly what you’re getting for your money, or you need a super easy option for a last minute meeting, high street restaurant chains are ideal.

Pizza Express is always a good option if you need refined dishes in a classy setting, without the classy price tag. Why not book in and talk promotions over a pizza? To sweeten the deal and woo your latest client over creamy fillings and fried sugary goodness, take a visit to Krispy Kreme, just minutes from Euston Train Station. Or if you want to treat your project team to a hot panini and bubbly hot chocolate as a treat for meeting their targets, go straight to Costa.

Also nearby are; Pret A Manger – great for mouth-watering sandwiches and cold pressed juices, and Nandos where you can chow down on half a spicy chicken whilst perusing your charts.

The Unique

When you want to give your clients a lunch to remember, or you just fancy experiencing some of the more quirky eateries London has to offer, you’ve got some pretty wild options to explore in Euston.

Euston boasts one of the most unusual eateries in London – Archipelago. It offers visitors a flamboyant and striking design layout, and some rather exploratory menu options. With peacock feathers, tribal art, reds and gold colour splashed and painted everywhere, and rustic floral materials dotted around, you’ll know you’ve found somewhere really special from the moment you walk in. With food on the menu like; crocodile wrapped in vine leaves, pan fried chermoula crickets and crispy zebra jerky you are sure to have a memorable experience here – one for daring diners not fussy eaters!

Other great unique eateries in Euston are; Chutneys and Mestizo.

The Exquisite

When your team really deserve the best, or you’ve cause to celebrate a major project success – you’ve got some amazing fine dining options to choose from in Euston.

For rustic, colourful Italian food in a beautiful setting, book in at Number Twelve where menus are incredibly affordable, and private dining options are available. If you like delicate, well considered courses in a truly sophisticated setting, book in at Pied A Terre and enjoy dishes such as; pan-fried fillet of turbot with a fennel compote, lightly poached prawns, fennel and herb nage or, roasted breast of guinea fowl with morel mushrooms, braised Leek, shallot and liquorice purĂ©e and rosemary jus. To try food created by well-known culinary masters, take your clients to Roux at the Landau. Here chefs Albert and Michel Roux Jr and Chef De Cuisine Chris King take high quality ingredients, cook them in multiple mind boggling ways and display their wares so beautifully, you really do feel bad destroying it – until the food hits your taste buds then your short lived guilt truly disappears!

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