Places to eat near Nottingham serviced offices

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Nottingham is an eclectic, multicultural, vibrant city with an exciting food scene full of eateries to suit any discerning city worker or business visitor looking for more than a sandwich at their desk in the office.

With regular train connections to London, and with a nationally renowned history in the lace trade, Nottingham attracts local and international visitors alike. So whether you’re looking to people watch with a colleague over a frothy coffee, or you’re planning to meet a client for an important business lunch, you’ll find something to suit the occasion here.

The Regular

Like every city, Nottingham has it’s fair share of popular high street eateries to choose from. There are coffee shops galore if you want to talk training over tasty treats and hot beverages with Costa, Starbucks and Nero all being a few minutes away from either the main city square or the train station. For posh or not so posh pizza both Pizza Hut and Pizza Express are located around the square and offer tasty pies for pence. For the ultimate staff meal, opt for the mega sized World Red Hot Buffet, where everyone can eat whatever they want till the cows come home for not much more per head than a cocktail in a classy bar.

Other great chain restaurants in Nottingham include; Nando’s, Wagamama, YO! Sushi and ASK Italian.

The Unique

When your client expects you to think out of the box both with your business proposal and your dinner reservations, you’ll need to tap into Nottingham’s exclusive foodie scene where only the most unusual eateries are worthy of your booking.

For a friendly atmosphere, fresher than fresh ingredients and music that’s cooler than cool, head to Alley Cafe, a vegetarian / vegan eatery loved by veggies and meat eaters alike. If burgers are your thing, Annie’s Burger Shack is a recently expanded restaurant offering a selection of huge unique burgers cooked and served perfectly. And what’s even better is the fact that every single burger can be made vegetarian or vegan so no matter what mix of colleagues or clients you take, everyone gets a beautiful burger to nosh on. Expect to book ahead weeks in advance.

And for the trendiest of cocktail bars in the city, you’ll want to head to Boiler Maker, a cleverly hidden cocktail bar in the super-hip Hockley area of Nottingham – if you can find it, you’ll love it!

Other great unique places to take colleagues or clients in Nottingham are; Tilt, The Pelican Club and The Jam Cafe.

The Exquisite

When fine dining is absolutely necessary and your clients expect 5* food, Nottingham has a wide selection of eateries for you to choose from.

If you don’t mind catching a quick taxi (ten minute ride at most) then your first port of call should be Sat Bains, a stunning restaurant in Lenton designed to be chic, sleek and serve absolutely incredible food. This eatery has been awarded two Michelin Stars so you’d be right to expect the best of the best here. Sat Bains offers kitchen bench, chefs table and restaurant dining depending on your preference.

For food that’s still fine dining, but not so pricey, World Service is a great venue for a client dinner and offers incredibly fresh British dishes influenced by world flavours. Expect light dishes and delicate flavours with terrines, salads and soups on the lunch menu and hearty mains like venison and beef in the evening.

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