Serviced Office Pricing – Square Feet or per Desk?

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We get asked questions about how Serviced Offices are priced more than any other! In a recent blog post titled, Serviced Office Agents – What Exactly do they do? , one of our readers had asked for further clarification on pricing, so true to our word, Easy Offices have decided to do a whole blog post on the subject.

Different companies use different terminology and then add in what is or isn’t included in the monthly bill and it’s easy to see why there’s so much confusion.What’s the difference between a Desk Price and a square foot price?


What additional bills are there for the Office?

What do I have to pay extra for?

What exactly is included in the Office?


If you’ve asked or wondered about any of the above then don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most of the pricing models are very similar and there’s normally a list of bills that are always included with a Serviced Office. Have a look at the list below, it should answer most queries:

1. Pricing – If you’ve looked at Leased offices then you may be familiar with square feet prices. Serviced Offices are not priced this way as a direct comparison can’t accurately be made. If you consider the difference between an office of exactly the same size, one is serviced and one is available on a lease.

The leased office will have no cabling present, no decoration or fittings, maintenance won’t be included and nor will furniture. Not only will you have to pay for all this to be planned, spec’d out and then eventually installed but you’ll also have to pay to have it all taken away again when you leave.

Serviced Offices will have all of the above present along with support staff and what’s more they do all the planning, installation, pay for it all up front, maintain it all etc etc. Most companies simply don’t have the expertise or knowledge to manage their own IT & Telecoms systems, not to mention the up-front capital expenditure of paying for it all!

If this isn’t your field and you think choosing Home Broadband is confusing then try ordering it for a business! Choosing between multiple service options, numerous suppliers, varying contention rates or dedicated bandwidth and the costs are also higher meaning mistakes are far more costly!

We hope this helps explain the major differences between how Serviced Offices and Leased Offices are priced and the information should help you decide which option may be best for your company.

It’s important to note though that Leased Offices normally start from 1500 square feet upwards, it’s extremely unlikely any agent will market leased Offices Space any smaller than that and because of the large upfront costs Companies face it’s not often that this solution is financially viable for staff numbers below 25 – 30.

We’ve included some links below from previous blogs that have covered other common questions regarding Serviced Office Space.


IT & Serviced Offices – what can you expect?

We’ve tried to answer most of the common questions but this list is by no means exhaustive so if we haven’t covered something you want to know more about then please give us a call or ask us a question via our Blog below.

In another blog later this week we will be looking at the ‘Pricing per Desk’ model that is used by many Serviced Office Companies.

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  2. It’s never normally an issue if a company wants to use their own furniture although it’s questionable whether this will actually reduce the price. If you ask the Sales Agent to check first – they can contact some of the companies you’re interested in.

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