Serviced Office Pricing – Square Feet or per Desk?

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This is the second in a series of blog posts covering Serviced Office Pricing. In the first article, Serviced Office Pricing – Square Feet or per Desk? , we looked at the way certain Offices are priced according to their size in square feet and what this means in detail and what additional costs you could expect to encounter.

In this post we are looking at how companies price on a per desk basis and what this includes, what it actually means and how this can be flexible depending on how your Company works and we’ll show you some innovative ways to bring the overall price down.

What’s the difference between a Desk Price and a square foot price?

What additional bills are there for the Office?

What exactly is included in the Office?

What do I have to pay extra for?

If you’ve asked or wondered about any of the above then don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most of the pricing models are very similar and there’s normally a list of bills that are always included with a Serviced Office. Have a look at the list below, it should answer most queries:

Pricing per desk Explained – “It’s a 5 person Office and the cost is ………..”

Heard this before and not quite sure what it means?

In most Serviced Office Buildings there will be a selection of offices that are furnished, equipped and ready to be occupied. Let’s use an office of 500 square feet as an example, the Serviced Office Company have labelled this a 6 person office and the cost is ÂŁ1200 per month. Serviced Offices will generally allocate between 55 – 80 square feet per person but depending on the total size and the working practices of the company then this can be flexed accordingly.

Using the above Office again as an example we can see that this particular Office Company have allocated roughly 80 square foot per person:

500 sq ft office / 80 sq ft per person = 6.25 ( 6 person office ).
Cost per person is ÂŁ200 per month.

Being creative with the way the desks are set out in the Office though will allow you to put more staff in the Office and reduce the overall price. The company looking are a Sales Company and use banks of desks next to each other meaning that the overall space each staff member needs is smaller and they can therefore reduce the actual cost per staff member although the price of the Office remains the same:

500 sq ft office / 50 sq ft per person = 10 ( 10 person office ).
Cost per person is ÂŁ120 per month.

We hope this helps take away some of the confusion or mystery that exists regarding how Serviced Office Space is actually priced. As the example above illustrates there is perhaps a greater degree of flexibility than may first appear, it’s important to understand how the various Companies price their Office Space and therefore how you can best use that information to come up with a solution that best suits your company’s needs.

5 Questions to Ask when choosing Serviced Offices

Services, Facilities and Monthly Bills


We’ve tried to answer most of the common questions but this list is by no means exhaustive so if we haven’t covered something you want to know more about then please give us a call or ask us a question via our Blog below.

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