Serviced Office Pricing – why isn’t it on your website?

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Easy Offices doesn’t publish prices on its website, whilst we accept that this may be frustrating to individuals searching for Office Space there are specific reasons for this. Firstly, as Agents we don’t price the offices on our website we market them for the companies that manage them who provide the exact pricing. This is the same procedure for all the Agents who market Offices on their websites, regardless of what price may be shown or what you may be told on the telephone.

The reason that we don’t publish prices or give any indications on our website is that due to the dynamic nature of the Serviced Office Market, prices are closely tied into stock levels. The larger Office Companies provide us with weekly stock updates and indications of pricing for the different Offices but we see the changes in price week to week as stock levels change and to reflect that on our own website would be an impossible task hence our decision to not publish prices as we feel this is just misleading.


The other consideration when looking is that Office prices in certain circumstances are negotiable. If you’re looking for over 20 people to occupy an office then the size, layout, fit out etc will all depend on how your Company works and operates. You may be a Consultancy based business with a need for several small private offices, your own internal meeting rooms and very little open plan or communal space as any discussions are held privately. On the other hand you may be a sales team, where the desk layout is more ‘cheek by jowl’ and you want the hum and buzz of conversations to add to the Sales environment. Two totally different businesses, both with 20 staff but with completely different physical and working space requirements, it would be impossible to begin to give a price for this over the phone without getting a far greater understanding of exactly what is needed in terms of actual size and working environment.

This isn’t to say that we can’t give you an idea of pricing but the likelihood is that it will be far more relevant for 2 or 4 people to occupy an office than it would be for larger numbers. That said, if certain Companies have lots of space or have just opened a new Business Centre then price may be heavily negotiable and situations like this can definitely work in the favour of the incoming Company.

The quickest, easiest way to find out what is available is to call us or enquire online – that way you can find out what is available and talk through the options and what’s important to you with one of our Sales Team. We’ll find out exactly what is available and give you the initial costing’s from the Office Company that markets the Office Space – it’s the only way of 100% determining availability and cost with any degree of accuracy.

Follow this link to start searching for Serviced Offices or Call us to find out more about prices and availability in your area.

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