Serviced office space in the city: What to look for

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Serviced office space what to look for

City centre offices are attractive to all kinds of businesses because of their prime location and proximity to shops, cafes and bars which all contribute to employee satisfaction.

Having a city centre location might also make your business attractive if it is easy to get to.

Transport links and parking are two factors which should be major concerns for any business looking for a city centre location. Staff should be able to arrive quickly and comfortably to their place of work and your place of business, is the bus stop at the other side of town? Is the train station 1.5 miles away? This could be the reason a serviced office space is cheaper than others – its location in the city centre is not desirable. Parking should be ample and affordable; a nightmarish commute will affect productivity and could increase sick days.

Who are your neighbours? Are you surrounded by slick businesses and high-end shops and restaurants? Or are you set back from the action where the undesirables hang-out? If you present to clients and host meetings then your premises should be in an aesthetically pleasing location; if you’re paying city centre premiums it should be worthwhile.

We spoke to Karen Proctor, marketing manager at Bruxton, who said:

“It is my responsibility to host client meetings and present from our offices so when we were moving into the city centre I was delighted.

“I made sure our MD sought out locations which were either close to a good string of bars – clients like this because it means they can have a meeting and nip in for a drink, makes the trip even more worthwhile, – or the office had a great view.

“In the end, we chose the bars, and we’ve never looked back!”

Another consideration should be – are your staff able to nip out of the office and find somewhere to grab a sandwich or will they have to walk far to find somewhere? Alternatively, ensuring there are adequate kitchen facilities on site should be something to look out for.

Security and smart card access should be factored in when looking for a city centre office space. The safety of your staff and your company property can be protected by a good security system involving CCTV and smart card entry and, especially in a city centre location, should be something you consider.

Finding a serviced office space where the majority of your bills are included in your monthly payment will be preferable for any company – and if this includes access to meeting rooms then all the better. Knowing exactly what is and isn’t included in your serviced office space is something you have to look for when finding the best deal for your company.

If your chosen city has key landmarks that could offer a fantastic view from one of your office windows, perhaps a conference or meeting room, this might be something you could look for, once all the other boxes have been ticked.

To look out on to an inspiring view could motivate staff and improve productivity, as well as endear your business to new and existing clients.

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