Serviced Office Space Near Airports.

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Serviced Office Space Near Airports.

Serviced Offices are normally associated with busy City Centres or Business Parks surrounded by Office Headquarters but they aren’t only to be found in the usual places. Business travellers may be more used to using the airport to travel to the next meeting or appointment but there are often Serviced Offices located close by, catering for those companies needing to be near the airport because of Industry connections  or whole activities may involve frequent flying.

Organising travel to and from the airport is time consuming and not productive for businesses so if you or any of your colleagues are frequently jumping onto a flight then it might make sense to consider renting an office as close to the Airport you use as possible, eliminating travel time, logistical headaches and maximising productivity for staff.

Easy Offices has compiled a list of the Serviced Office Space that we market and the proximity to the relevant airport below, you can click the links below to display the Serviced Office Space Results:

  1. Heathrow 0.7 miles
  2. Gatwick 0.5 miles
  3. Birmingham 0.5 miles
  4. Manchester 0.5 miles
  5. Leeds 4.5 miles
  6. Liverpool 1 mile
  7. Edinburgh 1.8 miles
  8. Glasgow 2.3 miles
  9. Aberdeen 4.5 miles
  10. Cardiff 4.5 miles
  11. Wrexham 2 miles
  12. Southampton 0.3 miles
  13. Exeter 2.3 miles
  14. Bournemouth 1 mile
  15. Cambridge 1.5 miles
  16. Nottingham 2.2 miles

If you want to get an idea of the pricing or availability for the offices closest to the airport of your choice please call us directly or search the results by clicking on the link where you can enquire online via our website.

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