The Office of the Future

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Ever wondered just exactly how your Office Space may look in 5,10 or even 20 years time? When you consider the evolution in the Office Market in the last 20 years or so when the ‘norm’ would have been long term leases to the present day when more companies are using a variety of solutions to meet their office needs, a result of which is that the Serviced Office Market has increased its foothold overall.

Take a peek inside any number of Offices and the likelihood is that you’ll see just as many different working environments. Different Industries will need different allocations of space for staff, Call Centres will typically ‘high dense’ numbers whereas a Consultant or similar may work in a much larger space. At Easy Offices for example, we work in a totally open plan environment and utilise an adjoining Meeting Room when more privacy is needed.

A recent Report by Regus found that flexible working helps to overcome barriers for growth. Their research claims that 72% of global businesses reported increased productivity as a direct result of flexible working practices. The study also found that 68% of firms declared that flexible working led to staff generating increased revenue.
So just what will the Office of the Future look like? A popular belief is that workspace and technology are intrinsically linked and the breakthroughs in communications we are seeing today will alter the workplace of tomorrow. Will Office Companies become more like today’s cloud servers, in the sense that their office space will be ‘modular, reconfigurable spaces?’

Offices that ‘work harder’ to make better use of available space, helping to minimise floor plates and reduce overheads certainly seems a viable solution. No doubt the actual environments will still be individual to the companies’ own needs but increasingly technology will play a part in not only how we work but how flexibly and how efficiently.

Easy Offices is a provider of Serviced Offices throughout the UK. If flexibility is important for your business then please call us or browse our site to see the options available.

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