The Popularity of Hot Desking: Interview with Airport House Business Centre

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Conceived during the 1990s, hot desking was created to provide a professional environment for mobile business people seeking a place where they could drop-in and work periodically. By offering shared offices, which could be rented for short periods of time, hot desking created a viable, cheap alternative to fixed office space and mobile workers from a range of industries embraced the new concept.

Today, hot desking remains essential for mobile workers who are acting as individuals or as part of an organisation. Finding themselves within a tough economy, companies are increasingly looking to keep their workers mobile in order to cost-save by reducing permanent office space. As a result hot desking areas have sprung up in business centres across Britain and, most recently, at Airport House which has announced the launch of a new hot desking area at its flexible office centre in Croydon.

I caught up with Tara Deighton to find out more about the new hot desking venture at Airport House and how she felt it would benefit local business people in Croydon. Speaking on behalf of Airport House Tara told me: “Airport House decided to open a hot desk area in response to the changes in the way people work. More and more people are working on a more flexible basis and so we wanted to meet those needs.”

I asked Tara if Airport House had seen a rise in demand of this kind of work space in the Croydon area and why she thought this was. She commented: “Yes very much so. Technology has a lot to do with it – cloud computing enables people to work from everywhere. We feel that the coffee shop culture of working, works for people to certain extent, but they can be noisy so you cannot take or make calls and actually to work in a professional environment is much more productive. Working from home is lonely and most people do admit that they do not work so well from home – so the hot desks solution for those people is perfect.”

Not only is the new hot desking area at Airport House a great opportunity for locals to work in a professional environment, it is also very affordable. Available for use by existing and new clients, the hot desks can be utilised on a half or full day basis from as little as ÂŁ15. As a result, Tara expects to see a range of clients using the new hot desking area including those working as part of a larger organisation as well as start up companies and one-man bands. She told me that they would be aiming the facility at those that:

  •  are working on the move
  • only need an office for a few days a week
  • need extra project space
  • need to be away from the distractions of the home environment
  • are looking to get away from working in noisy crowded coffee shops
  • are a self employed freelancer
  • are looking to catch up on administration
  • are in the process of setting up a company


Finally I asked Tara what kind of networking opportunities the hot desks might create and how she thought the new service would be of benefit to existing clients, she told me: “Yes we see the clients using the service networking and in fact will be arranging some networking events for the area to promote the hot desks shortly. As for our existing clients we see it as a service their clients can use – if they have come in to meet with someone and then needed to sit down for a couple of hours then they have the hot desks for them to use.”

Airport House is located on Purley Way at the site of London’s first major airport. The historical building offers offices with a genuine mix of old meets new; flexibility and technology provide everything the modern business could require while offices retain a sense of character, embellished with art-deco stylings. Ideally situated on the A23, the main road between London and Gatwick, the serviced offices are within easy reach of Heathrow and Gatwick airports and just a 40 minute drive from Central London.

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