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interiordesignofficeImagine working in an office space with themes of ‘forest, beach and city streets’ that ‘beg to be discovered’, whilst at the same time having space to interact and independent areas that allow you to keep your identity… sounds nice doesn’t it? Well Google’s Kuala Lumpur office has hundreds of people enjoying this sense of beautiful ‘community’ every day!

Wouldn’t we all be more effective at our jobs if our environment was a little more aesthetically pleasing? If you are slightly tired of your slightly tired surroundings, indulge in our list of top office interior design blogs.

We are not saying that you should suddenly tell your boss that you want an eclectic mix of old and new, with the inside outside and the outside upside-down, but perhaps you can dream a little…

1.       Office Snapshots

Office Snapshots   i know where you work

Office Snapshots displays and discusses the latest designs and trends in office design. It was set up in 2007 by Stephen Searer, who is based in California. Although Stephen doesn’t get to visit every office he posts about, he does pick and choose from the hundreds mailed in to him. The site has lots of different ‘collections’ on it, so if you have a small office or want some ideas about a quiet area or meeting room, you can look directly at some of the super cool ideas listed.


2.       Office Design Gallery

Office Design Gallery   The best offices on the planet

Office Design Gallery is another blog that has reams of beautiful pictures of desirable offices, from the biggest and best companies around.  The handpicked selection from around the globe is a lovely thing to indulge in, and is a dream come true for those who have always wished to go “through the keyhole” in the world’s most stylish offices. The site also gives reviews of different products if you are in the market for some new office interiors. Warning- you may quickly lose track of time!



3.       Rap Office Interiors

RAP Interiors Blog   Office refurbishment   Office Fit out   Office Partitions

If you are after something UK based, Rap Office Interiors have more than 20 years’ experience in the office refurbishment trade.  They have designed and dressed some major UK brands and their blog covers both the designs they have completed and top tips for making changes in your office environment.  It helps you understand more about the importance of design; their post on office relocation from a design point of you is a must read if you are imminently relocating.




4.       Office Design Blog

Office Design Blog   Interior Office Design Ideas

Office Design Blog have a passion for interior office design and rather than just showcase what work they have done, they show people where the cool bits and bobs come from. They have some fantastic furniture – from tetra-sheds to tear off wallpaper patterns to cardboard desks. Very cool indeed! They also showcase some popular office designs from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  We particularly like the Red Bull office – floating staircases, pin pong table meeting rooms, a sleek lounge area, and best of all a massive slide to transport you between meetings.

5.       Ikea Hackers

Work Station Archive   IKEA Hackers

Ok, so Ikea Hackers is not strictly an office interiors blog. If you can’t afford a designer to come and spruce up your setting though, a quick trip to everybody’s favourite Swedish superstore should do the trick – particularly with some of the nifty ideas for turning everyday products into something cool. This minimalist home office hack was only a couple of hundred pounds! Be prepared to have your mind blown by these innovative ideas; you will never look at flat pack furniture in the same way again.



Feel inspired by these beautiful blogs, you never know your office might be the next design to feature in their latest post!

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