What Questions To Ask When Viewing a Serviced Office? – Part 2

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Location, location, location is paramount!  The ideal office space would be somewhere that is close enough for your customers, suppliers and equally important your employees to get to. But often it can be very difficult to meet the needs of everyone. You will need to take into consideration how you can accommodate longer distances for any of these groups of people.  For example if you are moving office, is there a possibility that your employees can have remote access if they require it?  Other questions that will help pinpoint location are whether you require any warehouse space close to your suppliers?

Premises that have some shops within a short walking distance will make the lives of your team significantly easier as it enables them to grab a bite to eat or pick up any last minutes supplies on their lunch break with ease.  There is always the odd occasion when a guest arrives unexpectedly and someone needs to rush out and buy them some biscuits.  Having a quick conversation with other tenants in the building and businesses close by with help you engage whether amenities such as restaurants, bars, shops etc nearby are adequate for your needs.

City centre locations also provide a great social aspect.  There is no denying that a city address oozes sophistication and instantly gives an air of prestige.

Furthermore there is nothing worse than having office space in the middle of nowhere and not having sufficient resources to accommodate employee gatherings or lunches with clients.  These are all important points to take into consideration when choosing your ideal location.


Often high on the list of office space requirements can be the ability to entertain.  Does the office space give you sufficient space to meet the needs of a client lunch or a networking event for employees?  Having an employee networking event outside of the office can be significantly expensive.

Alternatively ask about networking events that occur in the building for tenants.  There are many serviced buildings that regularly having networking events for their tenants.

If socialising space within your office complex is limited, are their alternatives available to you?  Such as a few good bars and restaurants within walking distance of the office.  It is important you make the time to celebrate occasions and reward talented employees as well as taking the time to network with your tenants.


Businesses of all sizes need to deal with the reality of criminal damage and theft that can occur on the company premises.  While some companies are more prone to this risk than other companies every company needs to take a responsibility in protecting their contents and more importantly their employees.

Does your chosen office space provide a solution to minimise the risk of break-ins, making your offices less of a target for criminals.  Are there CCTV operators, patrol guards or security receptionists? They can prevent crime while assisting both your customers and employees.

Having security personnel in place is common; however there are still a large number of companies that do not use them.  Never be afraid to ask these questions because security can actually reduce your costs and be beneficial to both your customers and employees.


The presence of security within a business can provide peace of mind to the business owner and its employees.  If its employees are at ease their level of output is likely to be higher.  They will have the confidence to complete their day job with ease.  Inevitably this will increase profitability.

If your company is in an undesirable area customers will feel more confident knowing security is in place and any concerns they had regarding safety are dismissed as they feel happy to visit your premises.

Additional Costs                                %

It is important to check the overall costs for the office space when visiting. There are often communal charges such as business rates, cleaning and utilities etc that are bundled into your monthly costs that all businesses in the office space will pay. However the services that not every company needs are charged additionally which helps to keep your core costs to a minimum.

There may be services/facilities that you need that other businesses in the office space don’t or vice versa. Be sure to discuss these with the office provider when visiting the office space and find out what the charges are for additional services/facilities you may need.


There is always a deal to be made.  Never be afraid to ask if there are any incentives available to you or deals. There is the possibility that you can negotiate your deal and save you and your company hundreds. The office provider will not volunteer information on any deals so it is your job to ask the question. There is no harm in asking.


Regardless of whether you are looking for your first office or are expanding there are plenty of office spaces options available to you.  At first it may have seemed a daunting task especially when you are tasked with finding the perfect office for your business.

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