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Can plants really make a difference in a modern office? Many people swear they enhance mental and physical health, induce creativity and boost productivity, and there are studies to prove at least some of it. Other people simply think they look pretty – and that’s more than enough reason. Is it worth introducing plants into […]

Machine learning is coming of age. Thanks to new technology, theories that have been in development for decades are now filtering through to real-world applications, and there are many more to come. Here is Easy Offices’ introduction to machine learning, and how it’s helping business now and into the future. What is machine learning? Machine […]

Team-building activities are fun activities or challenges that get your employees away from their desks and bring them together. If you’ve got a team of dedicated, talented and enthusiastic employees in your startup, you may think they have all the motivation they need. But motivated individuals don’t necessarily add up to a successful team. Bonding […]

Working amongst other businesses and like-minded professionals in a shared workspace, has been steadily growing in popularity with the rise of the millennial generation and their quest for more flexible and collaborative working options. But coworking workspaces are no longer solely reserved for startups or freelance workers; businesses of all shapes and sizes have quickly […]

It seems straightforward enough: keep your staff happy and they’ll remain loyal, productive and inspired to take your start-up to the next level. While the theory holds up, people are more complex than that. Gone are the days when a Christmas party and occasional pizzas would keep employees sweet. In many sectors, talented employees can […]

Shaping the look of the modern office Office design has come a long way since the early days of dark wood panelling and crammed-in rows of desks with no privacy. And we’ve largely moved beyond the cubicle age, too: while twenty years ago we’d find divided spaces in most offices, recent design trends have led […]

Companies are waking up to the advantages of remote working for their employees. One benefit of having a remote working policy is the cost implications of requiring less office space and using less power and bandwidth. But in an employee’s market, talented people at the top of their game can pick and choose companies to […]

Shaping the future of work It’s unavoidable: big data is shaping the future of work, for large multinational companies, for small businesses, and for everyone in between. But when you’re a smaller operation, dealing with anything ‘big’ can be intimidating. Of course, it doesn’t have to be. Data is simply another tool your business can […]

Why project management means success Effective project management is as business critical for a startup as securing funding, hiring the right talent, and marketing yourself efficiently. Its importance cannot be understated: project management is a tool for streamlining decision making and team productivity, both of which are essential in the early stages of your startup […]