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Shaping the future of work It’s unavoidable: big data is shaping the future of work, for large multinational companies, for small businesses, and for everyone in between. But when you’re a smaller operation, dealing with anything ‘big’ can be intimidating. Of course, it doesn’t have to be. Data is simply another tool your business can […]

Why project management means success Effective project management is as business critical for a startup as securing funding, hiring the right talent, and marketing yourself efficiently. Its importance cannot be understated: project management is a tool for streamlining decision making and team productivity, both of which are essential in the early stages of your startup […]

Maintaining a work-life balance is easy when you’re smart, right? Wrong. Despite working harder and smarter than ever, most of us struggle to balance work and home life. This wasn’t always the case. In previous decades, there was a clear separation between life at the coalface and life back at home. But these days, with […]

Why motivated workers work The traditional workplace model is changing. With the economy shifting from established corporations to a culture of start-ups and leaner companies, it’s important to recognise the ways in which we work differently in these newer, more experimental spaces. Employee relations, peer rapport, and good communication across the hierarchy: skills essential for […]

What does performance management look like? At its simplest, performance management is the method of structuring daily activities and developmental tasks in order to achieve a set of clearly defined goals. In a traditional workplace environment, this is often represented as a quarterly or yearly meeting between an employee and their superior. This discussion often […]