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Ever been flummoxed by poor audio or patchy video quality while trying to attend — or worse, host — a conference call? Good quality equipment can go a long way to helping you achieve the gold standard in video conferencing; a meeting that flows as naturally as if your colleagues were in the room with […]

A lot rides on good business communications. Your brand reputation and long term business relationships can be impacted largely by the way you handle clients and customers directly, including over the phone.  Growing businesses often need assistance with their telephone communications and may look to delegate this task to an answering service, but in doing […]

To host a professional, glitch-free video conference or presentation, you’ll want the best devices and smartest applications for the job. What is a conference room?  A conference room is a facility designed for business meetings, seminars or presentations.  Conference rooms are purposefully designed to facilitate professional meetings and conferences. They often feature large capacity seating, […]

No matter where you find yourself working around the house, you can make a small office space look and feel like an encouraging environment to work in with a few tweaks to the decor, furniture positioning and storage of smaller objects in the room. Here are our top tips for decorating a small office space […]

Almost all businesses today require some form of phone system to receive and manage their calls effectively. But, depending on the type and size of business you run, you’ll need to figure out which features you need to manage your communications. Here we look at the features available and how they’re useful for modern business, […]

Working from home more consistently, it’s natural to become concerned about the environment we work in and whether or not it detracts from our usual standard of productivity and efficiency.  And while there are some consistent recommendations around optimal desk space and storage for office clutter to help with focus levels, just as important as […]

Whether working from a traditional coworking space or a digital workspace, the principles and benefits of coworking are very much the same. Just as you have people working around you in an office, coworking or conference space, you get the same in a digital workspace. The difference between coworking and virtual coworking  What is coworking? […]

Creative workspaces are the perfect way to make you feel more motivated and inspired throughout the workday. The best part about them? They’re really easy to replicate at home. Just follow these tips for carving out a creative workspace at home and you’ll be unstoppable. What is a creative office space? Designed to inspire innovation […]

Despite the fact that we spend so much of our lives at work, our working environment can often get overlooked as an afterthought – a non-important part of our day-to-day lives. But with research showing that untidy and chaotic spaces can lead to reduced productivity and increased stress, it may be time to take action.  […]