“How much does a meeting room cost to hire?”

It’s a question we are frequently asked at Easy Offices. Many companies prefer to have a private area to hold confidential discussions or phone calls. It’s far more professional to hold Sales Meetings or interviews in a private room but there is also a cost attached to this.

If your Company needs regular access to its own meeting rooms then you may want to consider having your own private, dedicated space within your office to use. Depending on how often you will actually need this facility will determine whether it would be more affordable to hire as and when you need them or to include it permanently within your Office Space.

Another consideration may be what types or sizes of meeting rooms you actually need or use the most regularly. If you’re a recruitment Company that has lots of ‘1 to 1 interviews’ then a small dedicated meeting room may well work out to be the most cost effective solution. If on the other hand you have bi-monthly meetings for 20+ people then it’s highly unlikely that you’d be financially better off having this space included in your monthly fee if it is going to be used so irregularly.



As is often the case we always advise Clients to determine what their needs are before you start searching, having an idea of how often it will be used and the size/s needed will allow us to help you determine what is actually best for your Company. We can get you thise Clients to determine what their needs are before you start searching, having an idea of how often it will be used

If you have any questions about Meeting Rooms, Office Space or any of the services or facilities you can expect within a Serviced Office please don’t hesitate to get in touch.e prices for dedicated meeting rooms within your Office Space or the prices that are charged to hire on an ‘ad hoc basis’ allowing you to make informed decisions on your Office Move.

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