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These days everyone and anyone has a blog. You can read blogs about sexuality, being a student, healthy living, mental issues – you can even read blogs ‘written’ by dogs (seriously put blogs written by dogs into Google and your lunch break is sorted!).

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© dskley

Blogging can be a really fantastic way to communicate with others in your professional field, learn new tips and tricks in your industry and potentially even help you gain a new job. And yet, so many people still don’t have one. If this is you, it’s time for you to put your fingers to the keys on your laptop and start putting yourself out there. There are many gains to be had, and here are just some of them:

You Can Be Your Own Brand

The job market is extremely competitive, so it makes sense that you have to be your own biggest fan. Other candidates aren’t going to sing your praises, which is why you need to. Employers are actively seeking self-starters, people who are active in all areas of their industry, even if that just means an active online presence. Writing a blog and having good social media presence means potential employers can see your online marketing skills, passion for your industry, ability to network, and high levels of ambition. This is relevant to every industry, but especially those relating to online marketing, branding and creativity.

You Can Be Seen

Being online means being visible to everyone and anyone across the globe. This also means you can be seen by and are able to connect with many people within your line of work including; industry leaders, start-up owners and recruiters. So where sending your CV to a few hundred employers a week gives you a relatively steady outreach, making connections with potential employers online  – thousands every day if your blog and social media presence is good – gives you limitless possibility and visibility. You also reach people who may know of opportunities, or who may know people you would like to connect with. Basically a blog makes your network pond turn into a network ocean.

It’s a CV Extension

A blog is not just a way for you to connect and promote yourself, it’s actually an extension of your CV. Vlogging (a video blog) and writing about news in your industry shows potential employers you care about the industry you’re in and you’re up to date on all the latest trends and changes within it. Blogging and maintaining a social media presence is also a skill in itself. Employers need to know that you understand the online world and how important it is. By placing yourself in the heart of the online world, you’re showing you’re in the present and moving towards the future of all online business based activity.

Blogging Is another Tool on Your Belt at Work

If you’re currently employed, blogging will enable you to bring new skills to your workplace, which will impress those in charge. Any skills, tips, tricks or news you learn via blogging will benefit your current workplace. From potential business connections, to SEO skills, to better networking skills and an improved level of confidence – these will all benefit your current employer. Gaining skills picked up by blogging on your own time shows you are a dedicated learner – the type of person every boss values.

It Makes You More Organised

When you actively put effort into writing a blog as well as maintaining a full time job, you have to improve your time management skills. By being passionate about your work and your blog, you will naturally become organised, and your honed organisational skills will be noticed at work.

It Enables You to Feel Like You’re On It

Writing a blog is an amazing achievement. Yes it’s easy to set one up, but it takes hard work, time and dedication to add to it and maintain it regularly. If you’re unemployed having a blog is an excellent way to feel like you’re still in the world of work, and still relevant in your industry. You will meet others in the same boat as you, and you will find doors open for you – your hard work will pay off. If you’re employed, blogging will help you keep tabs on the wider world around you, and enable you to feel like you’re pushing yourself to improve, even if your job remains relatively samey. There’s also a lot to be said for expressing yourself in a creative and applied way.


Remember it’s never too late to start writing and get yourself out there. Blogging can and will benefit you whatever industry you are in, whatever your career choice.

Get blogging and show them what you’re made of!

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