Serviced Office Agents – What Exactly do they do?

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Get online and look for Serviced Offices or Office Space in virtually any location in the UK and the chances are that the first links you will come across are from Serviced Office Agents. In Central London alone there are literally hundreds of different Serviced Office Companies and buildings, so without the use of an Agent you can’t be sure you’re covering all of the market and it will have taken you hours to try and find those Serviced Office Companies directly. But having found an Agent, the next question one might ask is, “What exactly is their Role & what exactly do they do?“

Easy Offices has been a Leading Serviced Office Agent since 1999 so let us take some of the mystery out of what it is we do and more importantly how we do it. We’ve tried to answer the most common questions that Companies searching for Office Space are faced with:


The first thing almost everyone asks and not surprising. When you go shopping how quickly do you reach for the price tag, before you’ve really looked at the item or very soon after I’m sure!

Serviced Office Agents don’t price the Offices, the Companies that own them do. You may see ‘indicative’ prices on websites or even be quoted prices over the phone but the bottom line is that this is merely a guideline and no more than that. Anyone who has ever rented a Serviced Office will understand this, after viewing a selection of Offices the price and term will be provided by the companies you have visited, NOT by the Agent you found online – their role is purely to determine your requirements and match those with Office Providers in the areas you are looking.

Similarly you may have certain Agents claiming only they can get you the ‘Best Price’ or a ‘Great Deal’ but quite simply this is a lie, no more and no less than that. Check with the companies you visit when viewing Offices and they’ll confirm these details: The Online Agent does not price the Office, any additional Services or anything else. The companies may provide a ‘List Price’ before a company views their offices but this may be negotiable but only after you have viewed and expressed interest.

If you were selling your house would you tell perspective buyers what your best price is before they have even seen it?


Only the largest Office Companies provide weekly information regarding the offices that are available and the sizes but all Agents rely on this information to be supplied to us, no companies provide online access to their own systems to check current stock. That said, our Sales Agents will have an accurate idea of stock availability in the major cities in the UK. Obscure locations may need us to confirm the specific details relating to stock and prices but we will do this quickly and professionally.

It’s also important to realise that bespoke Office sizes and layouts can be configured, internal offices or meeting rooms can all be built and included. There may be a cost associated with this and meeting rooms can be hired on a per use basis which can work out cheaper depending on your use but this is exactly the type of thing that should be discussed when viewing a building that might be of interest.

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have when looking for Office Space, but if you have any further questions you can always call us or ask us any questions via our blog.

4 thoughts on “Serviced Office Agents – What Exactly do they do?”

  1. Susan Wetherby

    Can you explain how serviced offices are priced. I keep getting quoted desk prices – can you clarify?

    1. Hi Susan.

      This is a little bit confusing I admit and we’ll be doing a blog on this next week to go into more detail. The short answer is that if you’ve been looking at leased offices then you will have been quoted square feet prices. This price is purely for the space ie there is no fit out, no cabling or phone infrastructure, no cleaning, no maintenance etc.

      Serviced Offices will have an office price – how many people you put in the office is up to you, respecting health & safety obviously, and you’d only pay for phone and internet connections per person if the company charges additionally.

      You can occupy any sized office you want, in reason, but the larger the office the more you will obviously pay. Unless you’re familiar with office sizes it’s often advisable to look at a few offices and see which works best for you considering all factors.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Hi James.

      Covent Garden and the surrounding areas are an extremely popular area with many options. Not every office will have space for you but if you want to call us we will go through the options with you.

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