The 10 Best Things about Working in the UK

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Let’s face it, no matter how well things are going, Brits love nothing more than a good moan now and again. We might be faced with inclement weather, tightly packed tubes on a morning and everyday essentials on the more expensive side, but when you put everything into perspective the UK offers a rather appealing platform for work and play.

Here are ten things which make working in Britain truly great- remember these the next time you are finding it hard to get out of bed on a wet Monday morning.

1.       The Banter

2038635_a9499179Living in a country where it seems to rain almost every day of the year means that a good sense of humour is essential. Banter as we like to call it is the art of not taking yourself too seriously and building relationships with colleagues through a good natured war of words.






2.       Our Backs are Covered


With employment law, disability rights, unions and the ability for new mums and dads to take maternity and paternity leave, we can live and work in the knowledge that employers can’t take us for a ride. The laws in place make sure that the best interests of employees are at heart and typically most bosses will have a touch of traditional British diplomacy about them too.





3.       The Tea Breaks

800px-Black_teaThe British revel in being a tea drinking nation, consuming an average of 2.1kg per person each year. Everyone loves a tea round at the office, but beware of the tea enthusiast amongst us- no matter how hard you try you will never manage to achieve the art of making them a cuppa “the way they like it“.






4.       More Time Off

Yarmouth_(142)Most professions in the UK are entitled to four weeks off, considerably much more than our American friends across the pond and with easy access to Europe they are well worth taking. And who could forget about the bank holidays? Even more time off for days at the pub or exploring the beautiful British countryside. Thanks to our beloved Royal Family we occasionally get a few extra days thrown in too.





5.       Our self-deprecating nature

David_Cameron_and_Barack_Obama_at_the_G20_Summit_in_TorontoWe may have our faults but typically British people are relatively modest and polite by nature and are good listeners too. We may need a push in the right direction now and again to sing our own praises, but who wouldn’t want to do business with someone courteous and considerate.





6.       The Pubs

5100693400_d1b23e444d_oAfter work drinks are an essential wind down at the end of the week and a routine part of maintaining friendships with colleagues. A warm and welcoming pub on your work doorstep serving a fine selection of beers and ales is how every working week should culminate.





7.       The Commute

britain-21817_640Live in London and you might find yourself pressed up against someone’s armpit for half an hour on the tube, but for many a commute can mean a drive through lush countryside, a stroll along a picturesque river or a bike ride by the coast. Investing in a good raincoat is essential.





8.       Tax Refunds


Seeing a huge chunk of your pay cheque disappear each month may be heart-breaking, but you have to remember it’s going to where you might need it later. However, if your code hasn’t been calculated correctly you might find you are entitled to a tax refund- a better feeling than if all of your birthdays and Christmases arrived at once.





9.       Small Talk

imagesGenerally as a friendly bunch we like a bit of chit chat at the printer and our number one topic of choice has to be the weather. If you’ve missed the soaps for the last week, or have never even watched them before, you will still know exactly what is going on in Eastenders and Coronation Street.





10.   Monthly Pay Day

5474156007_bed29ccfbb_oEasily the best day of the month and the weekend which follows is even better! Then you come back to work again on Monday to find yourself counting down the days to the next one…






You may think the grass is greener on the other side, but really Brits have got a working life worth bragging about. Now who’s in for the next tea round?

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