The World’s Strangest Job Adverts

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If you are looking for a new challenge to make your way up the career ladder, or are on the hunt for the best candidates around to fill your latest vacancy, chances are you’ve taken a look through many of the online job directories out there for a push in the right direction.

Where the best job descriptions are category specific, provide accurate descriptions of your duties and provide clear calls to action, you may find some rather questionable openings on your search; real red herrings.

Here’s a collection of some of the strangest job adverts around.

1.       Dwarf for canoe trip

 LvkiFGLThis sounds like a future scene from the next Hangover movie or the beginning of some kind of joke, but none the less a day out to be paid with free food and drink is a very easy way to make some extra pennies. We don’t dare imagine what happened on that trip…








Image credit Reddit User: TheHeedmeister (reddit)

2.       McCook Glass and Mirror Inc


Traditional newspaper adverts can bejust as bizarre, and this is example shows a case of bitter taste. This employer clearly has managed an incompetent workforce and has taken it to print to vent their frustrations. We aren’t sure whether this would actually attract any suitable candidates however…





Image Credit User: scubasteve1979

 3.       Mowing the lawn

R4fiZWe can’t help but think making your own child fill out a job application to help with the household chores is a little extreme, but this father is keeping things strictly business. We would definitely hire this young chap for his honesty for owning up for having been sent to the principal’s office. Having started early this child should be an absolute whizz at job applications by the time graduation comes around…








Image credit User: e9G7ymWec4svnd6Cq9A9

4.       Cook for the most high maintenance restaurant ever


You would think that a job for a cook could quickly be summed up with the style of cooking they were looking for along with required compliance issues and certifications, but this potential employer has made a 1,100 word essay out of this vacancy. With so many requirements you could make assumptions that this was a Michelin star restaurant, in fact, it is a tiny cafe…




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Nearly there…







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5. Teenage Mutant Turtle


Where more appropriate to place an advert for the next crime fighting turtles but on their front door? We would love to find out more about the interview process…







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Have you spotted any strange job listings recently?

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