Unusual jobs which only exist in their native country

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Over time nations have become specialised in specific areas of industry, for example Germany for its cars and Japan for its electronics, meaning that large volumes of employment centres on these areas. Away from the majority, each country has specific employment requirements due to its location, or population demands, meaning that some can fall into more unusual career paths.

We take a look at some jobs you most likely won’t have seen advertised on your average job board; existing strictly to their native country only.

Elephant outfitter: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s most famous and lavish festival, the procession of the Temple of the Tooth sees everyone dressed in their finery, and the elephants involved are no different. Dressing elephants for nearly 47 years, the official outfitter Kishinchand Chadiram Thadhani is responsible for the elephants taking part in the 10 day parade, each elaborately dressed in their own outfit designed and handmade by Kishinchand.

With more than 2,500 elephant dresses in his repertoire, outfits consist of sequined coverings for the body, trunk, and ears of the animal requiring up to 27 metres of material- that is 10 times more than is needed for the average human suit!


Professional car number plate blockers: Tehran

Passion for cars? Want to work outdoors? Then a working holiday to Tehran might be an option for you. Due to traffic restrictions introduced by Tehran traffic authorities, as a driver you must stick to an odd- even traffic policy; meaning you can only enter restricted areas on alternate days depending on whether your number plate ends in an even or odd number.

Instead of sticking to the rules, a new job was created- professional car number plate blockers. These individuals take payment before a car is approaching the speed camera area and either walk behind or sit on your car boot to obscure the number plate.


Praise poet, South Africa

Everyone likes to be given a respected introduction, especially when speaking in public. In South Africa, this is a role set aside specifically for praise poets- those who introduce esteemed South Africans at special occasions. Praise poetry or by its South African name ukubonga is an African literary tradition that has gone back centuries and incorporates lyrical tones and artful sometimes humorous metaphors. Rhythm and sound are important, but rhyme is not. Poems describe heritage, unique qualities, and emotions so requires a talented individual with a way with words to acquire this role. You might have seen this in action before the late Nelson Mandela took to the stage at important appearances.


Pet food taster: UK

You can’t deny that we are a nation of animal lovers, which is why Mark’s and Spencer has created a very unique role as pet food taster. Where pet food may not seem like an appealing choice for most of us, it is Simon Allison’s responsibility to ensure that it is. Simon himself is a pet owner of three cats, and we guess they are some very well fed pets! Strangely Simon has revealed that his favourite from the Mark’s and Spencer collection is the organic luxury chicken dinner with vegatables cat food.

After all, this is no ordinary cat food, this is M&S cat food…



Would you be interested in any of these unusual job roles?

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