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Traditionally terms on Serviced Office Space will be anywhere from 3-12 months although shorter or longer terms can be found. Breaks and tiered payments can also be built into longer term contracts and occasionally companies will offer rent free periods – our Sales Agents will be able to inform you of any promotions or incentives that are being run.

There are no credit checks carried out but deposits are normally 2 months up front with rent payable in advance. Certain companies will offer no deposit incentives or be more flexible, we can advise you of any promotions that are being run.


Licenses are simple agreements with easy in easy out terms. Commonly on a single sheet the vast majority of companies don’t require any legal advice as the terms and language are straight forward compared to a traditional lease agreement.
Notice periods will vary but normally will be between 1-2 months on each side and if you did need to increase the size of your office during your initial contract then you would be able to upsize without incurring any additional costs other than the cost of the extra Office Space.

You can search our Serviced Office locations to see which offices may be suitable. If you have any questions regarding the terms, contracts or want an idea of what a Serviced Office Contract involves then please call or email us directly and we’ll be happy to assist. Alternatively you can leave a question via our Blog and we will do our best to answer it.

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