Finding office space that can benefit your business

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When looking for an office to benefit your business there are some key factors to take into consideration.

Is your business a client-facing company which regularly needs to host meetings and conferences? If so, the location of your office space is very important. Your clients, and potential clients, will want to arrive at a slick and professional premises in a prime location with a reception area.

Alan McDonald, a web designer said:

“When me and my brother set up on our own we looked at offices in trendier places just outside the city but found that for us, we needed to be in the city centre.

“Our clients are mostly based in or around town and would prefer us to travel to them to present so our office space was solely our workspace and needed to be in a convenient place for us.“

Your location can greatly affect your business; it is a client’s first impression of your company. How was their journey? Does the area have parking or is it well-served by public transport links?

A serviced office space with a receptionist can be a huge factor for your company – you’ve found the great location but the next rung of the good impression ladder, for any client, is being greeted by a professional who is expecting them and will let you know they’ve arrived. Turning up to a desolate office block won’t endear anyone to you.

“When we first moved into our offices there was no receptionist,“ explains John Gordon of communications company,

“I’d get a member of staff not involved in the meeting to pretend to be the receptionist -in the early days – which was a hassle but better than there not being one!“

Most businesses want to focus on their work and growing their business – not doing chores in the office. Cleaning services are included in serviced office spaces which may be something that is of paramount importance to your company as the time gained by not doing these things will greatly benefit your business.

Has your company expanded and do you need meeting rooms to grow it further? Finding an office that has this space is vital if so. The rooms should have everything your business needs in them and should be clean and bright, with a good view if possible, then when presenting to potential and existing clients you’re giving them the most positive experience you can.

For some businesses, knowing that their monthly bill is the same each month for all services is crucial. They are not in a position to budget for costs outside of this, currently, and want a flexible option that allows them to move and their business to grow within an office. Committing to a contract for 12 months won’t benefit some businesses, finding a flexible work space with one monthly fee that they can move from at short notice could greatly benefit other businesses.

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