MLS Serviced Offices Cheltenham Taken Back by Landlord

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The UK’s third largest serviced office operator MLS has lost another of its office space business centres following a large operations scale-down over recent months.  Festival House in Cheltenham has been taken back under the management of landlord Formal Investments who are currently looking at re-branding the building. See also, Serviced Office Clients Evicted from MLS Serviced Offices in London and MLS Agrees HSBC Banking Facility

2 thoughts on “MLS Serviced Offices Cheltenham Taken Back by Landlord”

  1. I was one of the clients who lost their office from MLS. WATCH OUT – MLS uses your security deposit as operating capital. It is a legal trick they can do by calling it a “service retainer”.

  2. Thank you for your comments Dave and sorry to hear about your troubles, if you require advice and help in finding alternative office accommdation in London or elsewhere please give us a call on 0800 085 5050

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