Places to stay near Mayfair serviced offices

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Mayfair Hotels

Mayfair is an exclusive, upmarket area of London containing a superb selection of great hotels for you to choose from.

As the base of various major business corporation headquarters and embassies, Mayfair is a truly exciting business destination.

So whether you’re looking to stay here for a a day checking out some five star serviced offices, or you’re here for a few months on business, you’re guaranteed to find fantastic accommodation in Mayfair.

The Regular

If you’re going to have trouble finding ‘budget accommodation’ anywhere, it’s going to be here. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any affordable options, it simply means you have to look that bit harder for them. If your company is sending you here on business, you’ll simply have no choice but to opt for a higher standard of accommodation. It’s a hard life isn’t it?

For late availability, clean and contemporary rooms and a fair nightly rate for the area, The Holiday Inn is a good choice. It is based just a few seconds away from the nearest London Underground Station and offers a concierge service. It’s the only budget hotel chain located in the area and here you can expect to pay roughly three times the nightly rate compared to other areas of London. For around the same nightly rate, The Millenium Mayfair offers slightly more upmarket furnishings, amenities and services. The rooms here are more classic in design and feature gold and neutral colour schemes, dark wood furniture and classic wall art.

The Unique

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel that’s trendy and unique, there are a lot of options for you to choose from in Mayfair. While the emphasis is on luxury here, some hotels have gone above and beyond to combine 5* quality with truly innovative and quirky room design.

Browns Hotel is a perfect example of a hotel getting understated elegance exactly right. Whilst each room does contain only the finest furnishings and up to date technology, there are no gold and moody tones here and instead you’ll find neutral colour schemes, cosy and comfortable furniture designs and striking prints. For a hotel with a truly exclusive and almost secretive feel to it, book in at The Fox Club and enjoy a cosy and laid back atmosphere, and plenty of privacy. A discreet and chic little hotel based right in the centre of this exclusive area.

The Exquisite

If anywhere in London truly does exquisite, it’s Mayfair. With the highest concentration of 5* hotels in London, and with some hotels here being amongst the most expensive in the world, luxury isn’t just available here, it’s expected. So if you’ve got real cause to celebrate a major business breakthrough, or you simply want the most supreme luxury London has to offer, you’re going to find it in abundance right here.

For their famous opulence and luxury, you’re going to want to opt for Claridges, or The Dorchester – both well known for their celebrity guests and high end clientele. Claridges has a classy 1930’s feel throughout and offers themed cocktails in the hotels famous ‘Fumoir’. Expect concierge services, grandiose room designs and supreme high end luxury furnishings in both – plus a team of exceptionally polite people pandering to your every whim if you need anything day or night.

If you’re looking for 5* luxury apartments to stay in, No 5 Maddox Street is an exclusive and discreet townhouse holding individually styled, high end apartments in an unmarked building close to Regent Street. Go Native Mayfair also offer luxury apartments but with a much more sleek and contemporary design.

Other notable exquisite options in Mayfair are; The Connaught, Park Lane Hotel and Mayfair House.

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