Places to stay near Victoria serviced offices

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Victoria Hotels

Victoria has a huge selection of attractive and comfortable hotels for you to choose from during your trip to the area.

Served by the London Underground, National Rail and a coach station, as well as being famed for being the departing point for the world renowned Orient Express, Victoria isn’t just a transport hub, it’s a bustling business hub too.

So whether you’re only here overnight in between trains, or you’re here for a few months working from a serviced office on a project, you’re sure to find a hotel to suit your needs in the area.

The Regular

Business trips can sometimes come with a tight budget and timeframe, which is when budget hotels and B&B’s come in really handy.

Victoria has an abundance of affordable options to suit any budget, the Z Victoria is a really good option if you don’t mind limited space and innovative space saving furniture. The rooms here are extremely modern, clean and attractive and the rates are excellent for the area. EasyHotel Victoria also provides a similar flat pack style hotel room experience with comparable nightly rates. If you desire a supreme location just minutes from the train station, Premier Inn London Victoria is a really good choice, offering comfortable beds, minimalist room layout and competitive nightly rates – as well as almost constant room availability.

The Unique

Feeling a little bit dark and gloomy? Like all the suits you’ve been staring at all day? Then you need a quirky and unique hotel to cheer you right up!

For a hotel with an emphasis on wellbeing and neutral tones, book into the Eccleston Square Hotel, where nature meets technology in every room. Expect to feel like you’re in your own little private city haven at this hotel, as a lot of care has been taken to ensure visitors can fully relax and unwind in each and every room. For a truly British experience, with rooms getting the mix of contemporary and classic design just right, book in at Rubens Hotel. Expect dashes of unexpected colourful artwork, rather cute antique style features and extremely comfortable furniture. This is a hotel that doesn’t realise exactly how funky it is – and is all the more charming for it.

The Exquisite

Feeling a little flush? Feeling like splashing out and staying somewhere completely amazing? Then you’re going to want to enjoy some of the luxury hotels in Victoria – and there are plenty of them.

By far the most luxurious hotel in the area, The Goring is a supreme showcase of real British style. Every room has been individually designed by a British designer and features beautiful wallpaper, Italian linen, unique furniture, marble bathrooms and state of the art technology. The suites here are even more luxurious so if you’ve really got a hole burning in your pocket, opt for a Goring Suite and experience the high life.

For monochrome decadence and an obvious 1920’s influence, book in at 41, where the rooms are in a league of their own when it comes to class. This 5* hotel is extremely classy and has feature suites and apartments if you feel like upgrading. The suites and apartments are just as stunning as the rooms, only they have more to them so you can feel like you live in the world’s most stylish house for a few days! The Halkin By Como, The Lord Milner and Jumeirah Carlton Tower are also fantastic hotel options.

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