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However popular email may be we still all need to speak to each other and over 95% of the Serviced Office Companies we deal with provide companies with a telephone infrastructure. The options available include having your phone answered in your company name or ringing direct in your office, the solutions are flexible and for companies with high call volumes use such as Brokers or Call Centres there are normally options available . Depending on where you are looking for an office in the country will determine how much choice you may have but our Sales Agents will be able to discuss possible solutions with you.

Below is a list of common questions we are asked regarding Telecoms:

1. Pricing – Some companies include the cost in the monthly rent, others may charge for it separately whilst others may bundle phones and internet together. Our Sales Agents will know which companies offer which services but it’s always important to look at the overall costs as well as the service levels when comparing different companies.

2. Connectivity – You can discuss exactly how many phones are needed and where they should be positioned. Cabling will be via wall trunking or under floor panels so seating solutions are easily planned.

3. Telephones will be included in the office, you may be charged for this but each company is different as detailed above. Each handset will have its own DDI ( Direct Dial In ) number so you can use this on email signatures, business cards etc. You can also forward 0800 numbers or similar to this.

4. Analogue lines can be installed for fax, franking machines etc.

5. Calls can be handled by a receptionist ( if present ) and answered in your company name or they can ring direct in your office or be transferred through to another number such as a mobile if you are out.

6. Call charges are transparent and can be viewed and discussed before any contracts are signed. Our Sales Agents will be able to discuss this further with you.

For further information regarding the options available when choosing a Serviced Offices please feel free to contact us and one of our Sales agents will be happy to discuss the requirement.

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