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  • With a booming startup culture as well as plenty of support available for already established businesses, the office space available in Liverpool can give your business a much-needed boost. You can hire office space with ease and provide a rich and curated environment for your employees and business to develop in.
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  • Gym and fitness room

About Office Space in Liverpool Street

In 2008, Liverpool gained the much deserved 'Capital of Culture' title which only reinforced the popularity of the city-based in the North West. The research concluded that people and businesses of Liverpool found being in the city, better than ever before thanks to the Capital of Culture title. Currently, renting office space in Liverpool is below the regional average at only £21 per square ft. which makes it an optimum time to start renting. Liverpool is home to some of the biggest companies including British Telecoms, and a recent study found that it's the capital for the fastest-growing firms. It's a city full of thriving enterprise, tourism, culture and was declared as a leading hub for the technology sector outside of the capital. 40% of all jobs are in the public administration, health and educational sectors, home to HMRC, and HM Passport Office. Put your business shoulder to shoulder with these big players by looking at offices to rent in Liverpool.
Banking and insurance is Liverpool's fastest-growing industry where lead companies such as Barclays, JPMorgan, and Bank of Ireland are located. Tourism helps Liverpool to continually thrive with newly opening bars, restaurants and hotels, enabling a constant supply of high-quality services for its residents, businesses and visitors. The rich culture in the city makes Liverpool offices not only an attractive business opportunity but an attractive area for your employees. Getting to and around Liverpool is possible by car, rail and plane, in fact, a considerable amount of investment is going into Liverpool airport John Lennon as well as cruise liner facilities. Liverpool is one of the few cities in the world where cruise liners can birth in the city centre. Transport links are essential for a successful business and this is another reason people are scrambling for offices in Liverpool at the moment.
At Easy Offices, we can guide you through the maze of different types flexible office space to rent in Liverpool, which caters for from as few as one to as many as a few hundred people. We cover the whole of the Liverpool office space market and give you impartial, unbiased, free advice to help you find the best solution for your office needs. Our trained advisors have personal knowledge of most offices in Liverpool, and we have clients in many of them, so we can give you the inside track on which areas and office types best suit your business. Our fees are paid by the office provider, not by you, so you can benefit from all this advice at no extra cost. Call us today on 01932 834 720 and let us help you find your perfect office space in Liverpool.
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