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About Office Space in Embankment

Embankment office space is an invaluable asset for any business, having cultivated a reputation as a solid business destination. Located close to world-famous areas such as Covent Garden, Waterloo and Westminster, Embankment office space put businesses right in the decision-making heart of London. Being so close to the corridors of power, of course, gives local businesses a chance to influence the macro agenda and make a real difference on behalf of their clients and customers.That said, such access doesn't come cheaply. Average office space costs in Embankment are around £9,500 a year per employee. While this is expensive, it's worth noting that the added value of an Embankment office cannot be measured in monetary terms. Prestige, status and influence are the secret currency of business in the capital, and being based in an Embankment office confers these in abundance. What's more, as international businesses leave London due to Brexit concerns, central London is experiencing a competitive lull, making now the perfect time for new entrants to stake their claim to a piece of the pie.At Easy Offices, we can take you through the full range of office spaces available in Embankment, including flexible serviced offices, managed offices and furnished offices of all shapes and sizes. We give impartial, unbiased, free advice to help you find the perfect office space in Embankment for your needs. Our trained advisors have in-depth experience of the area and the surrounding zones, so we can give you professional, tailored advice on which areas and office types will suit your business.Our fees are paid by the office provider, not by you, so you can benefit from all this advice at no extra cost. Call us today on 01932 834 720 and let us help you find your perfect Embankment office.
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