10 Commandments to Help You Survive Office Life

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It’s business as usual at the office. The ever increasing demands day in day out can make the workplace a draining experience and it’s inevitable that working relationships may become strained when projects come up against deadlines.

Where you might reflect on the success of your recent ventures and how they can be improved upon, how we actually behave towards others and react in the workplace is often ignored which could make life much easier for everyone involved.

Here’s an easy to follow guide on how to make nine to five a much more pleasant experience for all, putting it simply as the 10 commandments of office life.

Thou shall not…

1.       Be Late

Be on time whether it is turning up to meetings, returning from a break or even getting to work on time; don’t keep others waiting. As they say, time means money!

2.       Give Mixed Messages

 There is nothing worse than returning from a meeting to a phone message with limited information. Gather as much information as possible and make life easier for those managing relationships.

 3.       Steal

 Pens, staplers and even lunches, don’t prey on others’ property, instead make your way to the stationery cupboard and hunt down your own. Always ask permission unless you want to make some enemies.

4.       Pass the Buck

 We don’t always have the answers. We all make mistakes so be accountable for them and don’t pass the blame onto someone else. Others will appreciate you asking for their help and guidance.

  5.       Use Inappropriate Language

There is a time and a place to let your hair down where more informal or even foul language are appropriate, but keep it out of the workplace. Always be polite- never forget “please”, and “thank you”.

6.       Criticise

If you are having a hard day with a never ending list of things to do, the easiest way to release your frustration is to let loose on your boss. The office gossip’s ears will soon prick up.

 7.       Be Negative

Everyone has their good and bad days. Don’t take it out on others and don’t bring others down to your negative way of thinking. It may be difficult, but always try to take a positive approach.

8.       Be Impatient

There’s not a lot to gain by losing your cool. Although it is frustrating when things don’t go to plan, it is important to remain calm. Others may not work at the same speed as you so have realistic expectations and always have a backup plan.

9.       Bathe in Perfume or Aftershave

You may adore the smell of your signature scent, but in close working quarters, smells can often become overpowering. Consider the noses and needs of others before spraying.

10.   Believe in the Cleaning Fairy

Your workplace may have an office cleaner, but they aren’t paid to pick up after you. Keep your desk tidy and leave shared spaces how you’d like to find them.

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