10 reasons why you don’t want a Ron Burgundy in your office

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“There was a time, a time before cable and 24-hour news channels, when the local anchorman reigned supreme. In San Diego, one anchorman, more man than anchor, really stood tall over the rest. His name was Ron Burgundy.”

The self titled “legend” that is Ron Burgundy is back, with the cult following to match. With his witty yet often offensive sayings, Ron is quite the character, but one which would be quite frankly difficult to deal with on a daily basis in the workplace.

We may love watching him on screen, but here are 10 reasons why you wouldn’t want Ron Burgundy, or a wannabe for that matter, in your office.

1.       High expectations


There are only leather bound books at the Burgundy household, so as a boss we’d expect Ron to only want the best and biggest of everything, with no thought over how much time and effort it will take others. A boss from hell we imagine.





2.       Arrogance


In case you didn’t realise, he’s kind of a big deal who expects everyone and everything to come to him. He may have success, and he is certainly not going to let you forget about it quickly. Expect to hear “don’t act like you’re not impressed” on a regular basis.





3.       With Ron, it’s always Movember


Does November in your office fill you with fear? Suddenly moustaches start popping up here, there and everywhere, a look which few can pull off. Ron is never seen without his signature moustache, so seeing this furry facial feature is something you would need to get used to. On a daily basis.






4.       The overwhelming stench


If Ron is wearing Sex Panther as recommended by one of his co- stars then yes it is going to smell as bad as it sounds. Illegal in nine countries and said to sting the nostrils, you will probably never become accustomed to this smell.




5.       Sexist attitude

Perhaps a reflection of the time, or his overall thinking towards the fairer sex, Ron still seems to think that women aren’t his equal. But then how could anyone be? He claims it is science that women have brains a third the size of men…debatable.





6.       Self centred


Out for number one, don’t ever expect Ron to share any of his biscuits with the team on the tea round.






7.       Childish antics

giphy (1)

Expect pranks and plenty of distraction, if you have a demanding project which requires getting your head down, don’t expect there to be any peace and quiet when Ron is around. Earplugs at the ready.





8.       Lack of diplomacy


Ron has a tendency to say exactly what he thinks. Forget your “please and thank yous” and expect orders and demands, and saying it straight.





9.       His love of Scotch…


As a lover of all things Scotch Ron is likely to have a few tipples throughout the working week and as he has famously said, things escalate quickly with him.






10.   His threatening nature


Whether or not he is all talk and no action, we’d rather not be around to find out. If this is how he speaks to his love interest, there is no hope for the rest of us. “Well if you were a man, I’d punch you. Punch you right in the mouth.”

Stay classy office professionals….

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