8 Mental Habits for Success

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You manage your finances, make your way meticulously through your carefully made to do lists and network as much as your tightly packed schedule allows; on paper you are on the journey to success. There may be one thing which you’ve forgotten to adjust along the way however, the most important element which will take you further than you ever thought and an aspect which only you can do something about- your mind set.


Spend many hours outside work honing your psychical strength? It’s time to work on your mental strength too. Here are eight mental habits you should adopt to not only make you think successfully but push you one step closer to where you want to be too.

1.       Be sure of yourself

If you are on your first business endeavour or have recently entered a new field you might not be overly confident when starting out. Don’t let others know of your uncertainty and approach each challenge with belief in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then it isn’t likely others will either.

2.       Be an inverted paranoid

If you haven’t heard of this phrase before, consider this- believe the whole world is conspiring to do only good things to you. Try to see the glass half full, not empty (especially when looking at your bank account during the first couple of years!)

3.       Be positive

Who doesn’t like a positive person? Positivity builds, repairs and strengthens relationships, meaning that you hold better bonds with those influential to your business which can only lead to good things. Always bring light to your achievements rather than highlighting issues which haven’t gone your way.

4.       Be Enthusiastic

Live life with enthusiasm. Not only are enthusiast people fun to work with, but they make even the most laborious tasks seem interesting. Enthusiasm is contagious. Give it your all and put your own stamp on it, it is likely that you will achieve not only what you set out to do, but see others follow suit too.

5.       Turn obstacles into assets

The best entrepreneurs believe and act like everything is a gift. Smart people don’t let problems or setbacks get in the way, but instead learn from such issues and see how they can improve themselves or their offering. Allow obstacles to steer you in another direction instead of a barrier.

6.       Shrink your deadlines

We should all set deadlines to keep productivity levels high but have you ever thought about giving yourself less time than you normally would to complete a task? Give yourself 45 minutes instead of an hour and see if you end up working faster with greater focus.

7.       Be objective

Build strategies and tactics based upon facts from the ground. There is always something you can learn from others, so don’t stick to a mind-set where you think you know better.

8.       Be patient

Good business minds can differentiate between the right time to take action and the right time to leave well enough alone. No successful business got there without hard work and it’s not going to happen overnight. Be patient and persistent and it should pay off in the long term.

Do you have any other mental habits which have steered you on the path to success?

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