Are Conventional Offices Right for My Business?

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Over the last two days we have looked at the differences between serviced offices and managed offices. Today we are looking at what defines conventional office space. Please bear in mind that the differences between the different leasing options are not always 100% clear-cut and that options can vary somewhat, however these guides are aimed at giving you a good, general idea of what to expect.

If your company is considering an office move, but unsure of which type of office renting is right for your business, we hope that you have found these blogs useful. For more information on renting office space across the UK please contact us on 020 3773 2893.


What are Conventional Offices?

Just like serviced and managed offices, conventional offices can sometimes vary, however one thing you can be sure of when dealing with conventional renting is that your lease terms will be longer. Conventional office agents may want to see a minimum commitment of 3 up to 5 years, and even longer.

What do Conventional Offices Typically Provide?

Again this can vary. Offices may come with “fit out”, which generally covers the basics like carpets, however they may also simply offer an empty shell in which you can create your own office space.

Conventional offices are almost always unfurnished and without existing IT and telecom facilities. Communal toilets and kitchen areas may exist within the building or you may need to create these within your rented space. You will typically find no additional business services or manned reception onsite.

Are Conventional Offices the Right Choice for my Business?

The long lease terms of a conventional office mean that you must be looking for a permanent location for your business into which you are willing to put time and money to create your own space. Conventional offices will usually appeal to established companies looking to house a larger number of staff, as well as for companies which need a lot of additional space for stock storage or display.

Search back through our recent blogs to find out what you can typically expect to find in a serviced office or managed office environment.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post!I believe conventional offices can be a good choice for those who are starting a new business and have location problems. These kinds of offices will be useful for many small entrepreneurs.

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