Avanta Virtual Office Clients Avoid London Travel Chaos

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Whilst millions of commuters, and the travelling public, face travel misery due to the strike by London Underground workers, many of the 6,000+ employees of clients at Avanta’s 16 Central and Greater London business centres are avoiding the chaos by commuting “electronically” to work.

“Whether it’s a public transport strike or snow storms, having the ability to log onto the Cisco Management user portal to divert their business handsets to their mobile phones or home landlines allows users to access business calls from any location,” comments Avanta’s director of IT, Inga Taylor, “thus avoiding the need to join the travel chaos in London.

“The 21st Century business person relies heavily on cutting edge IT and telecommunications technology, so the ability the send and receive important business communications from virtually any location means that the slow and costly slog to the office can easily be avoided.”

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