Easy Offices Website Updated After Staines Changes Name to Escape Ali G Association

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We have updated the location listings on the Easy Offices website to reflect the recent name change of a waterside town in Surrey from Staines to Staines-upon-Thames.

Officially the name change has been made in an attempt to boost the town’s economy, helping to raise awareness of its location on the banks of the River Thames. However many suspect that the name change comes in an attempt to shake off the association with fictional rapper character Ali G, created by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the late nineties.

First appearing on the eleven-o-clock show, Ali G was a satirical comedy character living in the “Staines Ghetto” and belonging to local gang “West Staines Massif”. Portraying a stereotypical suburban English “chav”, the character poorly emulated black rapper culture, clad with chains, sunglasses and beanie-style hat. He became known for his outrageous interview style and catchword “boyakasha”.

The Staines-upon-Thames name change was made official during a celebratory ceremony in May this year during which residents enjoyed various activities including a boat regatta on the Thames.

Local councillors and residents have been split over the name change decision, which some critics have labelled pretentious. Others have called the change progressive and a positive step towards improving the town’s image.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Offices Website Updated After Staines Changes Name to Escape Ali G Association”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of all the times I cracked up watching Ali G in da House!! Cant believe they changed the name – the legend of Ali G lives on – booyakasha!

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