The most popular industries trending on TikTok

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Social media platform TikTok has exploded over the years, becoming a platform that offers life hacks, tutorials, and dance challenges. However, with mass numbers of teens and younger generations absorbing this content on a daily basis, it has shaped certain popularity in particular industries. 

We recently explored the key to keeping Gen Z engaged at work after an influx of videos demonstrated how little interest many have towards a standard 9-5 office job. This generation of digital forward teens has shifted their approach to work-life, drastically. The most highly desired jobs are now influencing, vlogging, and becoming ‘TikTok famous’. 

The rise of glamorized industries on TikTok

TikTok has fuelled a desire to break into specific industries which are seen to be trendy and chilled but still earn the big bucks. From TechTok or RealtorTok hashtags blowing up, there’s become a strong glamourization of certain industries. After some digging, we discovered that these are the most popular industries on TikTok. 

  • 1. Tech

Social media savvy tech professionals have taken to TikTok, or should we say TechTok, to share their top tips on breaking into the industry. It’s gained inspirational value, encouraging others to explore the tech world as a career. These tech-tokers become a type of business mentor, sharing guidance on equipment and getting set up. Largely marginalized communities in tech such as women and Latinas have created a movement to demonstrate their top tech tips and what it’s like working in tech to help inspired others. 

  • 2. Real Estate

Shows like Selling Sunset forever altered the way we think of real estate work. Their glamourous LA lifestyles and colossal commissions piqued much interest, which TikTokers picked up on. With house tours and sneak peeks into magnificent million-dollar homes, users get to indulge in a bit of luxury. A true guilty pleasure that keeps us coming back for more. Those in the industry have also begun sharing a range of content designed to idealize the industry, as one user boasts her salary range, but also many using it as an opportunity to gain more clients. This tactic is an incredible way to share your knowledge as a salesperson and make you a desirable agent to work with. 

  • 3. Beauty 

The desire to crack into the beauty industry has been around since the rise of Youtube stars and their daily ‘get ready with me’ routines blew up. This industry continues to be highly glamorized across TikTok, with makeup hacks and quick tutorials going viral worldwide. These short, informative videos have become fascinating and led many to strive toward working in the beauty industry.

  • 4. Fashion

The fashion industry has been a long sought-after industry to work within, before TikTok’s time. Fashion magazines and shows like America’s Next Top Model made working in fashion highly glamorized. These days, it’s not all about high fashion but rather teenagers taking to TikTok to show their shopping hauls, outfits of the day, and styling tips. To become a fashion influencer or content creator is alluring to many, thanks to the exciting opportunities for collaborations with well-known brands and gifted clothing in exchange for exposure. However, there’s been uproar around fashion content creators’ use of fast fashion products and creating desirability for cheap clothes made within poor working conditions. 

Is there toxicity to trend culture?

Trends come and go. They always have and always will. However, in a world where everything is digital, it’s become easier to absorb yourself in the trends. Creating a strong desire for fast fashion puts pressure on brands to deliver more and in turn, unethical and unsustainable products are circulated faster. 

But there’s also a trend culture around careers. Building the perception of desirable jobs can shape a lot of younger minds into believing these careers are simple to break into. It’s easy to forget that these TikTok stars only show a glimpse of their journey, so for many, hashtags like TechTok power the idea that these high salaries are achievable in little time. 

The future of trending careers

There will always be a sense of ‘trendy’ careers. Millennials are big on the entrepreneurial spirit with many hoping to build a successful startup or kick off their small business idea. This has since shifted into the generation of influencers and content creators and this will only continue to shape into new desires as time goes on. 

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