Have you been Snow Affected?

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With the weather being unseasonably cold and snow still falling all over the UK, Easy Offices wondered if you’re reading this blog post in your office or are you at home, unable to get to work?

Our own Offices are based in Weybridge, Surrey where we’ve been fortunate to escape the worst of the weather but you only have to look at the pictures on the news or in the papers to realise just how difficult it must be for some people to physically get to work. Fortunately with the advances in technology it has become increasingly easy to work remotely and to still receive your emails, phone calls and even access your desktop. With Cloud Computing also growing in popularity, if you are stuck at home there are numerous technological ways to work with minimal interruption to your normal schedule, we’re going to have a look at some of these in more detail this week.

No doubt if you can get to work you’ll be sitting in your office as most people would prefer that environment to working at home even if it’s just to save on the heating bill! I’m writing this blog in our own Offices with the heating turned up so that it’s nice and cosy and no-one is worrying about the cost as we’re in a serviced office where the utilities are included in the monthly rent. Alternatively in the summer we can crank the air conditioning up, which I have to admit today seems a distant prospect, but once again we’re able to work in a comfortable environment without there being a cost implication.

The other consideration is that it makes life so much easier for your accountant! Monthly rent is easily dealt with in regards to your accounts but if you work from home and start asking about apportioning heating bills, utility bills, cleaning, phones and internet, if you don’t have separate lines, and you start to enter a financial minefield! It’s perhaps only at this time of the year that you really get a sense of the increase in heating costs if you work from home and factor in the length of the winter this year and where you may live in the UK, that you’re paying the bills with money that you have already paid tax on and the true cost becomes more apparent.

To get an idea of what is included in your monthly bill you can visit our Serviced Office page for detailed information or call us for a more precise breakdown.

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