How to attract the best talent to your company

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The Shrewdest Moves in Business   CanvaBusiness projections on track? Expansion plans on the horizon? It may be time to inject some fresh meat into your company; someone highly skilled in their field who can hit the ground running. For anyone who has recruited in the past, they will know that this is easier said than done.

Unfortunately, it is not always a case of placing an ad and watching a stream of talented individuals trickle in, and mastering the job advertisement itself can prove difficult. Recruiting is ultimately one of the most important decisions to make, as the right people will fuel your business to take on bigger and better things.

Here’s how to attract the top talent to fill your vacancies.

Craft your advertisement

Most job advertisements don’t attract the ideal candidates because they aren’t given the amount of consideration they deserve. Make sure that your job description is clear and matches the tone of the company. Remember you are selling your company, so always spend time mastering your company description so people can get a feel for how you operate. Be clear, be concise and make sure that your requirements and responsibilities are separate entities, not a muddled mess.

Build your brand

If you are looking to attract the best, you are going to be competing with the best. We can’t all be a Cadburys, Google or BBC, but you can make yourself known in the industry you operate in. Try running an informative blog, building a significant social media following, or get your voice heard in the media as much as possible to show that you mean business.

Portray your culture

Your new recruits will be spending days, weeks and months at work so it is important that the working environment which they will be entering into is a good fit for them; the right balance of productivity and fun. Employees want to be able to identify with a culture and be passionate about it. Use social media to your advantage and show how important social engagement is in the workplace.

Location, location, location

We aren’t suggesting that you should up sticks and move office (although you may win points from some for the convenience factor), we’re talking about placing your job vacancy in the right place, to make sure that it is seen by the right people at the right time. Do your research online and discover the best industry forums and social networks to get your job ad placed, or to target potential employees. Don’t be afraid to approach the candidates you want the most, LinkedIn has made it possible to become a head-hunter, so start planting a few seeds. Remember that no matter how perfectly written and optimised your job is, if it isn’t in front of the right people, it won’t attract the calibre of candidate you want.

Reassess your resources

Could your technology do with a revamp? Are the office walls in need of a lick of paint? Candidates will be taking all of this into consideration when they come for an interview so don’t let the details let you down. Put yourself in the shoes of the candidate, if you entered an office with poor lighting and dull colours would you think it was a fun place to work? Probably not. The little things can make a big difference; employees want access to amenities such as cafes and shops, outdoor seating and communal areas to build up employee morale.

What strategies does your business do to attract quality candidates?

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