Master Your Meetings: Five Rules of Business Meeting Etiquette

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Whether you are looking to come to an important decision or hoping to seal the deal with a prospective client, face to face meetings are an opportunity to well and truly make the most of.

Time is of the essence so it is important not to waste business time with a plethora of distractions- focus is key. A meeting is also not time to sit back and let others do the talking but a time to shine. A lack of etiquette and poor planning are two of the main reasons business meetings fail; don’t let it happen to you.

Ensuring that you get it right, here is Easy Office’s advice on how to master a meeting.

1.       Time Keeping is Key

Like any meeting, formal or informal, it is impolite to turn up to a meeting late and more importantly extremely unprofessional. Try to be there early so that you have time to prepare and get relationships off to a good start by making introductions. If for unforeseen circumstances you do end up running late, always phone ahead and take your seat with the minimal amount of disruption and make your apologies known.

2.       Dress Appropriately

They say that first impressions count the most, so dress well and allow your clothing to position yourself in the upmost of professional manners. It will also say something about your credibility and confidence. Take your appearance seriously and find others treating you with the respect you deserve.

3.       Be Prepared

No matter how good you are at bluffing your way through things, preparing for a meeting and arriving with the correct knowledge and materials is an absolute must. Be ready to take notes on any of the agreements that are made for further reference, so don’t forget a pen and paper or an IPad for the more tech savvy amongst us. Speaking of technology, don’t forget to switch off any device which could cause a rude distraction.

4.       Stay on Track

Chances are your meeting will be one of many things people have to turn their attention to on that day. Don’t make a meeting over run by discussing unrelated issues- they can be dealt with on a further occasion. For those who often lose track of time, make sure an agenda is made available and ensure that it is stuck to where possible. Don’t interrupt people when they are speaking, and allow those with seniority to speak first- your time will come.

5.       Remain Confidential

What has been said in the boardroom should remain confidential until agreed otherwise. Doing so could be considered a serious breach of business etiquette which could lead to unfavourable relationships. What has been discussed should be considered and treated with confidentiality.

 Follow these rules and you are bound to go far, making a long lasting, professional impression amongst colleagues and clients alike; you can thank us later.

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