Office Broker’s – What can I expect?

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If your company is looking for Serviced Office Space and you’ve gone online and searched Google then the chances are that you will find the Agents that market the offices for the various companies not the actual companies themselves. What is it these ‘Agents’, or as they are more commonly called ‘Office Brokers’ actually do and what is their role in the sales process?

We receive calls here at Easy Offices where the customer is unsure who they are actually talking to and how that individual or company fits into the sales cycle. The Agent has a very specific role and can help advise companies on the options, styles and facilities provided and will match the needs of the company to the relevant Office Providers in the area.

The Agent will also be able to give you an idea of the prices in the area. This may be based on Offices they have sold recently or simply an overview or average price for the location, it’s important to note though that the Agent will NOT provide the contract or price for the office – both of these will be provided by the Office Company themselves.

Agents on average will provide the vast majority of leads and enquiries for Serviced Office Companies, often well over 75% of enquiries will come from this medium so the cost is simply a part of the operating costs for these companies, the cost will NOT be increased to reflect the Agents commission as is often thought to be the case.

If you want to get a better understanding of what it is Easy Offices do as a company then please give us a call and chat to one of our Sales Team who will be able to discuss the market, options, prices and anything else ‘Offices’ that you care to mention!
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