Desk Space Website Searches for Work Space with the X Factor

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Does your desk stand out from the crowd? What does it reveal about the person you are? Do you think yours has what it takes to win The Desk Factor? Love it or hate it your faithful old desk puts up with a lot – the coffee stains, the lunch leftovers, the knocks of frustration. It’s time you show it some love!

Avery is launching a fun and exciting new campaign to find workspaces that have ‘The Desk Factor’. With the help of a lady known only as Desk Diva, they’re on a mission to celebrate desks everywhere and are searching for desks with personality to take part.

If you think your workspace has The Desk Factor, use your phone to take a photo or make a short video of it and visit to find out how you can get involved. It’s your chance to see your desk up in lights and give it the recognition it deserves.

Each week there’ll be new categories to enter – distinct, stylish, funny, homely, spotless or even just plain odd. There’s something for every desk on The Desk Factor so let’s start celebrating them in all their glory!

Disagree with everything Simon Cowell says each week? Well The Desk Factor is also your chance to become a judge. Desk Diva will be picking her favourites each week with the help of the public vote.

Go on, give your desk a little attention and work some fun in to your day!

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